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Pthagonal/Pythagonal was a character from one of Terry Pratchetts books on Discworld..  im a designer and like making stuff, so the name seemed apt..


and i like bikes


so its all about the corners :-) 


so ive been pythag for years..


it seems especially relevant now since we lost such a master story teller.,.,


heres to Terry, the first smoke will be in memory of him.. :-) im sure hed be teh forst oen to appreciate a good side of bacon slow roasted.. even Dibbler himself might partake.,.,





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Because I have a 63 Willys
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Before I retired... I was a freight pilot. So... fr8dog. Any ?'s.😊
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I have two email addresses that were the outgrowth of my work.  The first is Prischap.  the second is centinela27.  I was the Protestant Chaplain at a Level III/IV men's prison in Southern California 20 years. Hence, Prischap.  The name of the prison is Centinela State Prison and it is the 27th prison built in the state.  There are now 34 or 35.


Dad built his own smokers, either of wood or old refrigerators.  At one point we lived next to a game warden and he would supply dad with poached fish.  One evening mom was taking a bath and she though that it was raining hard outside. Dad was working nights and the next morning he went behind that house to check on the smoking smelt and all that was there was smoking ruins.  He had another one up in a couple of weeks.

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SoCalGuppy - Let's start with the latter, "Guppy" was a high school nickname and years after that, I have continued to use Guppy, however I always seem to run into someone else having it and I would have to pick something else.  "SoCal" is a condensed word of Southern California because I live in Southern California.  SoCalGuppy... "fish out of the water" comes to mind.


I would like to be honest here: I am a rookie, an amateur, and a beginner when it comes to smoking meats, fish, nuts, etc.


So, why did I join?  I gotta start somewhere!!''


p.s. my partner :77:is the brains behind the smoking, yet I am willing to learn! :439:


I have a Remington 870 .20 ... I miss going out to the shooting range!


Thank you everyone!!

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Very Simple this my name!

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I grow a lot of vegetables using hydroponics. My name is Stan...so "hydrostan" it has been for awhile.

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I got my name from my buddies because anytime they need something grilled they always call me. Lol lol. One of my friends hollered out "tez is the grill master" so I just started calling myself grill master tez.
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Sorry about my last post. My email is grillmastertez. Lolololol. I got the name telly from going to motels rooms with different chicks every weekend so a guy I work with started calling me telly. Lololol
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My screen name is AT&T user ID and I added TX since thats my home.

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I live in the country, and when you're outside, eating or not, there are always bugs around, hence the name.

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Anything worth shooting once is worth a 2xtap  781.gif
WARNING- Trespassers will be shot....Survivors will be shot AGAIN   lurk.gif
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I have been a Trumpet Player for almost 40 years now, and my current horn (for the last 15 years) is a Silver Bach Model 43 Medium Bore...

Therefore Silverhorn43.

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Not much creativity for mine.  My name is Trevor and I was born in 1977

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Lived in NYC. and now work for Citi. :-) 

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My call sign in Afghanistan. Our Afghan Army training team were the Easyriders. In the military the team leader or commander is "six", (personnel is one, intel is two etc.). As team leader I was Easyrider Six.

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Well, after a lot of the stuff I have seen, I have become pretty cynical (in a good way, lol).....and I like to drink. Oh yeah, most importantly it is my XBox Gamertag, yep, I am a 50 year old gamer, lol
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I live in the Dallas area and I cannot grow hair worth keeping.

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I spent my 15 year nursing career in high-risk labor and delivery. A male obstetric nurse is very rare so I decided to use obmitch as a screen name for everything.

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If you come to northern Maine, that is where the County is, Vacation Land

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