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I spent several years working at a long term treatment center for at-risk and/or troubled young men who could not function within the foster care system.  After working there for 2 years my fellow staff started to call me Flo (the first three letters of my last name) and after a while a boy came who last name was the same as mine so the staff added the "E".  It has been 12 years now and some of my former coworkers still only know me as E-Flo.  I married a wonder woman also with a name that starts with E so they call us he E-flo's or E squared.

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Originally Posted by DEER MEAT View Post

Hello all,

I have been wondering about everyones screen names. Some seem obvious, some seem off the wall, some are funny...etc....etc.. How did you come up with them? What is the story behind that name?

I guess I will start. A year or so ago, I was looking for some different ways to prepare venison. I was on the computer searching for recipes for what seemed like weeks. I would tell my wife, check this recipe out.......hey how about this one..........this sounds good to.

After a few weeks of this she said "all you ever talk about is Deer Meat, Deer Meat, Deer Meat". During this internet searching period I stumbled across SMF and lurked in the background for a day or so and then decided to join. As I sat there thinking of a screen name, I recalled why I was here in the first place and started to laugh to myself about what my wife said about me and the Deer Meat. So that is when the light came on and the name DEER MEAT was born.

If you read this I hope you are still awake, sorry for the rambling.

I thought this might be an interesting thread.
I am from m
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I am from the mid coast of Maine and they call us mainiacs, hence midmainiac
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I grew up near Augusta Ga.and enjoyed playing golf. I had the opportunity to play at the Augusta National home of the Masters tournament.I met Gene Saracen who won the 1935 Masters by making a double eagle on the 15th hole
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Hey all,


I'm a 911 Operator and Fire Dispatcher as my "real" job and I moonlight as a jeweler with my Dad and I's company at Ren Faires and Celtic Festivals nationwide 32-36 weekends a year so I'm always traveling. 


My dispatch schedule typically runs Wed-Fri and then I'm gone on the weekends to shows so I always end up smoking on Tuesdays since it's my one steady day off. My wife and I both have Cherokee heritage and one day she jokingly said my Indian name should be SmokesOnTuesday and it has just kind of stuck.

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I am a reserve deputy sheriff and the co # is 39
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Welcome. I am new to the site and pellet smoking but been using a green egg for awhile. I am a retired county police officer in Georgia
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Pretty much self explanatory, I have two Harleys (different bikes for different missions) and the year I was born. (I am also a former Lawman from Colorado)

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hello fellow smokers
i came up with my screen name by remembering the first major sports championship that was won by my city the rockets 9394 nba title
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howdy.  new guy here.  eyeguy54   I like walleye and born in 54.  I am an egg smoking snob. lol

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Mine is a mix of my first and middle name.... Gregory Thomas(grethomory)

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my handle is pretty self explaintary . But oddly anough i haven't ran into any one else with the same handle. I guess stick welding is for us old fellows 

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No sir. We still do a lot of stick welding around here. Mine used to be SLAGpusher on some forums.

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I became a Scuba instructor back in the late 80's and the people I worked with at the time gave me the nickname diverrob.  I've used it ever since.

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Pol was my job in the air force our mascot was a skunk

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My last name and my mother's maiden name put together...at the end of it all its still all Polish.

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My handle is my nickname, but it is not my "legal" name.  My first grade teacher anglicized my Spanish first name :icon_exclaim:.




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It is what I called my jeep many moon ago!









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Don't remember if I posted this before there are so many posts.

I sold and was a salesman for an Auto Parts Wholesaler for 46 years, hence the handle both on the forums as well as back in the CB days "Peddler".
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The initials in my name happen to rhyme with ebay

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