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I spent 9 years in Artillery. "Boom Boom", means something else to me...

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  I've been using Healeydays around the web for at least a decade in different forums, but it comes from my love of big Austin Healey cars.  Austin Healey made 2 type of cars for the masses.  One was the Bugeye Sprite which is the same size as the MG Midget and the other was the Austin Healey 100/4 100/6 and the 3000.  What I have is a 1959 AH 3000 with the big tractor 2912 cc I6 engine, with twin SU carburetors.  The Big Healey was Carroll Shelby's 1st choice to be used for the Cobra, but when the powers to be told him he couldn't use the Healey he went down the street and made a deal with AC cars to use theirs.


Mike B

Bedford, Nh

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Originally Posted by Krzdimond View Post

I spent 9 years in Artillery. "Boom Boom", means something else to me...



I was around Arty pretty much too------All together different "Boom-Boom".:biggrin:




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i have a cabin out at the lake its up on a ridge , i get out and drive up & down the ridge looking at wildlife, and i was born in 1958   ha" RIDGERUNNER58

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HeavyLead comes from two different hobbies that I enjoy.

One, is Scuba diving. Being of large frame and well insulated, I find myself rather buoyant. This requires about 16 pounds of lead shot weight to achieve neutral buoyancy in the water with a mostly deflated "wing", or buoyancy compensator air cell. Of the members of my diving team, most others use between 6 and 10 pounds of weight, hence...HeavyLead.

Secondly, I like to take part in competitive defensive pistol shooting matches. (I am no professional by any means) I prefer the .45 acp cartridge for many reasons when most other shooters use the 9mm or .40 SW for the reduced recoil, cheaper cost, etc. Again, because of the larger bullets...HeavyLead. I have enjoyed reading other responses to this thread.




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  Bear I remembered a few more!!!


                      you numba 1 G.I..................your the best


                      you Numba 10 G.I................your the worst


                       deMy ami .............................kiss my @ ss

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Well, my first name starts with a “G” and my first time using a smoker it wasn’t real clear what was being smoked: the chicken of me!


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Last name first.....first name last.....put em together cuz the wife says I'm a royal pain in the.......

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The original started as a running joke. TAKE IT OUT and GET IT  DIRTY. It was made into big ol' bumper sticker. It was meant to be X rated. then I joined other forms for trucks so it kinda stuck. I will surely take the truck out and get it dirty. To make it easier on me, without others having I just keep using it.

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I'm new to the smoking game and chose the name from our music festivals we put on in TN, IN, and Belgium, as well as our small independent record label of bands that play bluegrass, country, rockabilly, blues, punk rock, folk, and everything in-between. When I'm smoking and grilling, I have to have music playing...


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Agreed. Music must be on in the back ground. Whether I am listening to it or not. There is always something playing. Usually David Allen Coe or equivalent. Momma don;t like my music to much. It's all good. It is what it is.

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I didn't really pick it. My Dad and Mom picked it. I've used my first initial, last name on pretty much everything on the web. And my profile pic was suggested to me by a friend years ago after seeing me one Halloween.
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As a kid, I used to hunt quail. In West Texas there is a bird my Dad called a filark. From behind it looked like a quail. I wasn't the sharpest crayon in the box when I was a kiddo. I would mistake a filark for a quail. So in honor of the filarks I mistakenly shot, I took their name for my email.
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My business is Blue Dragon Glass and I usually go by bluedragonne but I felt like a change and I am female and dragons are awesome, so.....:beercheer:

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Stolen from my work place email address. When we first got email the admin's created everyone's email address to consist of the 1st 2 letters of your 1st name, the 1st 3 letters of your last name with the number of letters in your last name. over 500 in the building and no dup's

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It's an engineering term. Used to work on devices with specific impulse in the hundreds. My smoker is a combusting device on the other end of the scale, having a specific impulse of zero.
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Well pretty simple it is my Name and I am 54 and have never seen anyone with it. So thought it would be differnt.

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I'm a historical reinactor & the 1750's, specifically the French & Indian War, are my area of focus.
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I just looked on my drivers license and there it was.

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Dannyubc - well years ago I worked for the Air Force and I lead a group of internal consultants...we helped units & Staffs with effectiveness & efficiencies but most of our work seemed to involve trying to get people to get along to make better decisions...which led to lots of training (personality assessment and teambuilding). After a few years a few of us decided to take our talent beyond to AF and UnBroken Circle INC (UBC) was born...we did a lot of gratis work in the community (no/low pay)...it's a good thing we didn't give up our day jobs drool.gif. We did grow tremendously as people and UBC has followed me since the mid 90s.

By the way I now I am working for the US Coast Guard as the Program Manager for the Organizational Performance Consultant (OPC) program. Like the AF they are now shutting us down over budget issues...having seen this cycle repeat itself multiple times in my 34 year career, I just put another rack of ribs in the smoker, pour another Maker's Mark on the rocks, light another good cigar and enjoy the important things in life!
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