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mine rhymes with my last name...

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New sign for the Yoder 640

Picked it up at the Monroe swap meet last weekend.

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Mine started back in the mid-80's. At Boy Scout Camp the summer I went from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts. We had a draught in northern Michigan, even some wild fires. Well a bunch of us were walking on a dried pond and thought it was kinda cool, until I took that one step that got me chest deep in mud. I was stuck and everyone started pulling & digging me out. One of the Scoutmasters on the trip was a rough old veteran who grew up watching cowboy movies who looked at me when I got back to the camp & said, "Damn, you look like you've been rastlin Gator's." From that point on He called me Gator, It stuck. We're still friends, & he still calls me Gator. Everyone we know in common calls me Gator. And that's why I called my Catering company Gator's Grill.

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I was a firefighter for 10 years and I'm 6'7'' tall. Bigugly was a nickname I was given on the fire department and it stuck. Now I still use it and just added smoker to the end. My new smoker is even named BIGUGLY SMOKER and it will be wood burned into the handle.

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My screen name comes from an old user name that was used about 15 years ago when I worked for Siemens. One of the old guys could only remember my id by word association - dial-a-tit.....dilettit..... I have had a laugh about for years.....

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JAWA = John, Anne, Will and Anna. And did I mention I'm from Georgia?
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Mine comes from two things - hitchhiker guide to galaxy "42 - is the meaning of life the universe and everything" and was a fire fighter so that where Firewalker comes from.
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My last name Begins with "MAC" so when I was in the Army, for 20 years, I wasa always called 'mac". Even when I was a Sergeant.   


My grand daughter and were at Burger King one afternoon, and her "CRown fell off. I picked it up and put it on my head. My granddaughter looked at me and said: Grandpa, now you are the KING.


KingMac is my screen name.

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My given name is Cathy and many people call me "Cat". I LOVE my cats (have four) and I love smoking and grilling food. Thus, I thought my screen name apropos. Happy smoking all!!!

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My first car was handed down to me by my daddy. It was his 1965 elcamino that I remember riding in since I was just a little thing. It had a well built 327 small block engine. As it goes with most teenage boys I ended up totaling the thing but I have been hooked on elcaminos ever since.
Thus the screen name "elky327".
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My name is adam and when I don't work I enjoy grilling and smoking foods to keep my head off work. I throughly enjoy the relaxation it gives to smell the charcoal and greatness that's on the grill. Smokinadam is all you need to know when this guy is off he's grilling or smoking
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It comes from my college in Jackson, MS. I started off in 1998, and the band there is known as the Summa Cum Laude of Bands, The Sonic Boom of the South. 

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Mine sort of came about because of my mom. Everybody who has ever had a tattoo or wanted to get one probably has that mother that tells you that tattoos are for the rest of your life and you're stuck with them. We'll one day I was signing up for another forum and was trying to think of a screen name that do scribed me. We'll earlier in the day when I was visiting my parents my mom saw one of my newest tattoos and of course the line tattoos are for the rest of your life came out. So I ended up coming up with Tatts4Life. Of course once I started meeting people out in the real world that new my screen name saw me and my tattoos the nickname Tatts pretty much stuck. Now a bunch of people call me that. I use the screen name for just about everything. It sucks when I end up finding a can't use it because it's already taken. It's happened with my playstation user name and a few other things. I end up having to go by the name Tatts4Life1.
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Mine is part of a name I use for online RPG games, Everquest, Lord of the Rings, Guild Wars 2....for example. :duel:

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A twist on the state motto where I live, New Hampshire. It is "Live Free or Die". If I have the history right it was not a rousing battle cry, but rather a toast made by revolutionary war general John Stark (of NH)  for a Revolutionary War veterans reunion. No doubt tall draughts of good ale were involved. I'll bet smoked meats were on the menu, too.


Good beer, smoked meat, what're we waitin' for. Let's eat!

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I am a bucs fan and those are my high school and college numbers
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Got my nickname from one of the old timers at the firehouse. You don't need lay hose for a Deckgun. It's quick and much easier to put water on a fire if you can use a Deckgun.
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Well I was an avid bow hunter until all my hunting spots got sold out. I used to work on and tune some bows as well, so hence the name bowtech. Not associated with the company Bowtech in any way, unfortunately. 

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Hautedawg was a hot dog stand here in Kansas City. I liked the name, and stole it when they closed.

Just sounded fancier and a a red neck, I like to class it up. Just like the toilet planet he the front yard.
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LBC970 = Lost By Choice, 970 being the area code here. 


I have been lostbychoice, LBCAK, or LBC970 since getting on the internet in 1995 with AOL, and after waiting nearly 10 years for lostbychoice.com to open up, it's finally mine as of January! (WooHoo)

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