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Bubba.... born in Texas

Blue........baseball and softball umpire for all levels through High School, Little League, Babe Ruth, American Legion, etc.

BBQ........been on the Q since age 9


Bubba Blue BBQ became the name of my catering company.

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I work in the medical field.  Boneslides is a reflection of what I used to do...orthopedic pathology, creating microscope slides of bone specimens.  Nothing special, but it is unique!!!

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Well, I work on a golf course and "tend" to the turf.
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Back in the Day, in the early 80's there was a website prodigy, when I was signing up for prodigy it asked for your name, my last name is Bridle, and title, I put Lord as a gag, and from then on my screen name has been lordbridle.  For a while I even got mail addressed to lord bridle. 

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I belong to a Christian Car Club called Holy Rollerz. My screen name on that site, and in the community is MJ Ryder 4 God. I love cars and "Ride" for Christ.
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My Screen name ce from a friend of mine . I beleive alcahol was involvref (it usually is with my friends...lol) It came about from watching a marathon of a TV show called The Boondocks. One of my favorite supporting characters name is Uncle Ruckus ( no relation) . Everything about him is wrong, but damned if we didnt laugh anyway! So I started to embrace the nickname and changed the spelling to avoid any lawsuits due to copywright infringemen. Unkle Ruckass (no relation)... Get it? Lol
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High priest, I am looking for attachments for an old Reynolds mixer. Do you still have yours?
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I'm a firefighter hence fire sorter not starter
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Gosmosis -  Pertains to my first name initial G and a name of an older Ozzie Osbourne album called Osmosis...which I thought was a clever name...so....Gosmosis.

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Inspired by Sil from the Sopranos...the best job in the mafia is the Consigliere.

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my name is Ryan and im a guy 45 dosent mean anything i just thought it sounded good.

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I hunt as often as I can and use 540 Grain Hammerhead ammunition in my 45/70 rifle.  Thus the 'screen name' of "THUMP.

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When starting a freelance graphic design business in 1997(ish) shimsham.com was the best .com domain I could find.
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My screen name is "thegunnut" because I are one.

Collecting, using, admiring and fascinated with them for over 50 yrs

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Nothing sinister behind my handle. Just a coincidence-showing two hobbies: my skis are Atomic brand, Nomad Smoke Ti model. So I am smoking both in the backyard and on the mountain (not really LOL).

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Mine came from that time I traveled into the future and tasted my smokes.  Without the time machine, my name would be:  "WTF?Areyoutryingtopoisonme??"

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Runt -

I was given this by my fellow soldiers and NCOs upon my arrival in Germany in 1977.

You see, I was only 117 lbs and  5'4" tall. Being the smallest guy in my company, I was given that name.

There were folks that I served with that NEVER new my real name.

I use it as my CB Handle and all my friends, past and present still call me.....Runt.

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Last name is Jacobson, and I have been called Jake for as long as I can remember. When I retired the second time, it just fit.

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As you can guess from my screen name I like to drink Makers Mark bourbon. And I was born in 1966.
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GIFlush was a screen name I invented for an online poker game.

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