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Eh, nothing too fancy in the background for my name.  I love pulled pork and while I may be good at BBQ, I am not a pro...thus "Hamature". 

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I am from Indiana and used to work in the tire industry.  A couple of my friends used to always

joke about our job Tirebuilders and we were Born To Build. I grabbed BTB and use it or INbtb

as a screen name on several forums. And usually my sig says US Navy Vet. So if you see BTB

on some other forum give a shout.



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When I was hunting a lot with my buddies they gave me this name. Some one said "You always get that meat dead in one shot". And it stuck. About 30+ years now. Only my old hunting buddies use it though.

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Originally Posted by DEER MEAT View Post

Hello all,

I have been wondering about everyones screen names. Some seem obvious, some seem off the wall, some are funny...etc....etc.. How did you come up with them? What is the story behind that name?

I guess I will start. A year or so ago, I was looking for some different ways to prepare venison. I was on the computer searching for recipes for what seemed like weeks. I would tell my wife, check this recipe out.......hey how about this one..........this sounds good to.

After a few weeks of this she said "all you ever talk about is Deer Meat, Deer Meat, Deer Meat". During this internet searching period I stumbled across SMF and lurked in the background for a day or so and then decided to join. As I sat there thinking of a screen name, I recalled why I was here in the first place and started to laugh to myself about what my wife said about me and the Deer Meat. So that is when the light came on and the name DEER MEAT was born.

If you read this I hope you are still awake, sorry for the rambling.

I thought this might be an interesting thread.
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I weighed over ten lbs when I was born in 76. I've always eaten more than anyone else around me but never gained weight. I've never been over 150 lbs and don't know why. My nickname was given to me when I was ten years old and it stuck. BONES
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I love hunting just about anything and deer is really what got me into sausage making.  But I'd trade it all in for turkey hunting and my user name is a play on that. 

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Served in the U.S. Navy aboard a Gator Freighter specifically an LST.

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BigOrange part is because I am a Tennessee Vols fan (we're on our way back with Butch Jones!) and the Smoker part is obvious. 

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Nice thread:
As my profile picture shows I love to eat and grow really hot peppers. (Ghost peppers are my favorite) my profile picture are of some ghost peppers I grew last year. Then the second part is my last name. Hell my dogs names are Pepper, chile, Tabasco , Anaheim , Mexicali, jalapeño, and of course Ghost.grilling_smilie.gif
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Thank you for your service. I was west coast on the USS Long Beach CGN-9
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I was stationed aboard the USS Sumter (LST-1181) out of Little Creek NAB. Made two Meds, two North Atlantic cruises, one West African cruise, & my favorite, a Unitas cruise.

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It's easy but not very interesting when the first 4 letters of your last name are "Fang"....carried it through college and a career in the USAF.

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hello nickname from high school. worked in shell gas station and made mistake of wearing uniform to first day of tech. school. called Joe shell from then on. that was over 40 years ago. 

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BlueWhisper because that's what I want to see from the exhaust stack. I was afraid that MassiveCloudofGrayCreosote was already taken...

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58limited 'cause I own a 1958 Buick Limited.

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My screen name comes from being a Chief in the Navy working on jets. Ran a line crew most of the time.

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My last name is pronounced "Gravy".   Bet you can imagine the fun my classmates had with that!

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My screen name is an easy one but I think I have a bit of esplainin' to do (as Ricky Ricardo would say)  

Lets break my name down. Pork ~ well duh everyone loves pork and if you don't then you belong to alquaida. Dork ~ is meant to be a term of endearment bred from becoming familiar with me and my fun loving ways.   nana2.gif

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It was given to me in high school for the way I played football and has stuck with me
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My grandkids call me PapaMike.....

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