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Short story my name is donald then 89 is the year i was born 1989
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OK, some of you may be thinking something kinky going on here, but for 30 yeears I owned and operated a small sweet cherry orchard on the Yakima River in WA State, and my first name is Larry, so "CherryLarry" is a natural, and it makes folks wonder too!

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I have always loved motorcycles and worked in several states as a mechanic in the 60's and 70's. In the past few years I have accumulated a bunch of them from that era. After resurrecting a few of em (sometimes usin donor parts), my wife started callin me Bikenstein so that's where the name came from. Sometimes I feel like I could use a few donor parts myself :hit:

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While working at the phone company in the central office one of my duties was terminating the wires from the equipment to the cable heading outside. this massive beast of cable runs is called THE RACK ...... and the guys working on it are referred to as RACK RATS ......
thats it in a nutshell

would like to use my old pro wrestling name but too late to change it i guess ...   HA HA HA

so thats what i named my smoker.... it is a huge beast anyways  :0)

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One day, when I was a lot younger, I was on my way to a party and forgot my wallet. I didnt realize this until I got to the LRT train (subway) and thought "I bet I can get away with it" and hopped on without paying. I got stopped when I was getting off at my stop. I had no pass or ticket. The cop asked me for my ID, and conveniently I didnt have it. He asked me my name and address, so I thought 'yea right' and told him my name was John Suede, and I gave him fake address. I wouldnt do it that way now of course. So ever since then, when I join up on forums, I use that name as my alias.

Kind Regards


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I build model live steam locomotives that I run with coal fire and water.

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well mines simple just short for my name randy ray,sorry no story here.

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Larry i visited there a couple of years ago went for the crush love them chucker cherries!

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Originally Posted by Double RR View Post

Larry i visited there a couple of years ago went for the crush love them chucker cherries!

You may also have visited some of the winerys on Red Mountain (Benton City) near our farm.  And ya, Chuckar Cherries are great, ; not sure they have any smoked thought!

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I should have mentioned that wood from the sweet cherry orchard was also my smoking mainstay for about 25 years.  And my favorite way to use is was to cut a 4-5 in. limb, remove the bark with a draw shave, cut it into 1 " thick rounds and drop one into the "chip" pan. Have'nt used chips in years and those chucks smolder for a couple of hours. I could start a new one by simply setting on the "clinker" from the old one.  Just the right amount of smoke.

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I came up with this screen name from the type of business I own.  Have been in the billiard business since 1973.  We have (my son & I) a billiard room in so. WI.  Full bar and lots of food! I've also been doing cue repairs and building custom cue sticks for about 38 of them years.  I'm totally new to smoking food until a couple of months ago. I bought a new gen MES40, added an Auber PID, with a few other mods (as seen here on SMF---GREAT INFO HERE!).  Now, as of today, I am a proud owner of a new 22.5 WSM.  I wanted the big one for doing parties etc. at the

barroom. Ace hardware just called me minutes ago, and said the shipment was in, and I could pick it up.  Now I'm thinking of all the stuff I can smoke, having both smokers. I'll probably break it in with 4 butt roasts from Sam's club this weekend.

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That's Great CueBiz!!!

I have always loved shooting pool.

I shot in a pool league for 15 years in my younger days, and I have an oversized 8' Gandy I bought 20 years ago, in my Basement Man Cave, but I haven't shot for a year now, because I have trouble with steps.

Meanwhile my Son put a real nice Table in his Cave, and shoots in two leagues + tourneys.


Great Game & best to you & your Biz!!!



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Craig is my first name. 827 is my badge number at work.

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"Smoker" spelled backwards...

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Originally Posted by Rokems View Post

"Smoker" spelled backwards...


Reserve spell ck might be in order.

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Isn't smoker spelled backwards rekoms?

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Since my first name is Steve it was a given. So I have a Yamaha V Max. Steve and V are somewhat similar so thus Stevemax. Lame I know. [IMG ALT="My Yamaha V-Max. Thus the screen name

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Woodz is a shorter version of part of my email, woodznwater which derived from our way of life here in N FL. treeclimbingbassfishingskeeterslayer was a little long....and I think taken... :)

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Fine.  Smekor spelled backwards.  



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