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Mine is a no brainer.

20 years in the army and flew AH-1 (cobra) therefore SnakePilot.


Not very  original



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Originally Posted by SnakePilot View Post

Mine is a no brainer.

20 years in the army and flew AH-1 (cobra) therefore SnakePilot.


Not very  original




OMG----Thanks David !!!


If it wasn't for Cobras, I wouldn't be here today.


Cobras Ruled The Mekong Delta!!!




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Hey Bear,


See you were in the land of oz in 69.

I was there 67/68 and 70/71, what a wonderful

vacation spot .LOL

Seriously ;

Hope you got home safely.




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Just remember in the CORP, they told us when to breathe, as well as when to light up. "SMOKE 'EM IF YOU GOT 'EM". That's how I feel about meat....
SMOKE IT IF YOU GOT IT!grilling_smilie.gif

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One of my horses is a Paint. It is easy to remember.

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Originally Posted by DeejayDebi View Post

Mine is not so interesting. Back in 88 when I got my first super high speed modem a whooping 300 BPS, the kind you had to stick you telephone handset in I subscribed to Genie the General Electric company internet access and needed a name for my emal. I couldn't think of anything so I spelled out my initials which just happend to be a word Dee-jay. With all the record Deejays about it's sometimes taken so it often become DeejayDebi.

My email addy has been Deejay@ ... since 1988.


Hey, another old-timer!


I have had this handle since the late 80s too! But we didn't have the internet at home back then, it was all BBS. I used to work for a comms manufacturer and I got to buy product at a big discount. So bare modem boards, the new ISA bus ethernet cards, the latest 386 processors and hundreds of k of RAM to run our modified Wildcat system :)


My friends and I rented an old post office and put in a 32-line BBS. We were state-of-the-art, with super-fast V.22bis modems and 32 lines, we even had an internet connection, but it wasn't called 'the internet' back then.


And my name? It's a pun - Zut Alors is French for 'damn!' :)


In all these years I have only come across a handful of other people that have stolen it...

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Mine is kind a nickname since I was a kid. A close friend started calling me "Sammy D." That's my name and middle initial. In fact my small band was named "Sammy D and the Casuals."  We still stay in touch and she still calls me that today.

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Many moons ago I went to work for a guy who's nickname was Chief. I told him at the time that I would eventually be better at our trade than he was and I'd take his nickname for my own. He started calling me Little Chief and did so for many years. My friends started calling me Chief and it has stuck. My grandchildren call me Chief too!
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Just initials and Birthday....nothing creative.

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It's my nickname. Given to me by my buddy that I 4 wheel with.
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my web site top my Business is DrCanDo.com   I used to travel the country but now I have a used car lot.. work work work  want to smoke meat on Sunday  lots of great ideas i see so far



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Landon is my given name, Bandon is my home:icon_rolleyes:.  Not terribly creative, but fun & accurate!!

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Mine is easy I was a paramedic/firefighter for 20 yrs  so para & my paramedic # (back then there was just a few of us in the state so very easy short #'s. Today they are so long I would never remember it !!) 

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Though I was born and raised in NE Texas, I joined the Army, served 21 years, and my post-Army job landed me in Alabama.  I like to BBQ so the name was born.

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Came home from work one day many years ago, jumped in the shower and when I got out of the shower found a kitten on my pillow. It was a stray brought home by my wife and 9 year old son. I was a bit irritated, so to appease me they told me that they saved naming rights for me. My son asked me for her name to which I mumbled something uner my breath. He asked again and I changed it to Chuck. Then, realizing she was a she we decided to go with Chuckles. She turned out to be the only cat I've ever really liked. If she were still with us I'm sure she'd be sitting on my lap as I watch my smoker smoke.
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​Well let's see... I'm somewhat of a cowboy and I ride a rocket (2009 Kawasaki ZX10R).  I've used the name for many years and like some others above...it's also my email.

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Another motorcycle related screen name. I still have a 2000 KLR650, a dual sport, therefore no pedigree and as I call it, my mutt bike. Not a creative as some here, but it's unique.

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Hey from Virginia Beach so hence the name chillinvabeach!!!!!

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 I live in Florida, love the beach, the people that know me think I am crazy!

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People think you are crazy...why?

Living in Florida, being near the beach is awesome.

My wife and I lived in Sarasota a couple of years ago and spent a lot of time on Siesta Key Beach, the #1 rated beach in the US and life was great !

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