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That is probably and older picture, we bought ours at Cabela's and the display model did not have vent or door latch but the smokers on the shelf do have the vents and door latch

and it's only $249 at Cabela's
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thanks for the infoicon_biggrin.gif
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The unit is exactly what i need. Soon as i get done with the Rival KC smoker and have learned a bit, I will be back on that masterbuilt model.

Thanks againicon_biggrin.gif
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That is Nice

I think I will check on one of them when I need to upgrade. Did that smoked cat come with it?
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Unfortunately, no. That cat is an older model that I got on discount. Once I have the mods done on it, it will look like a tiger. Sorry Kitty, you tiger now!!! ;)
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Grrrr.... too bad the closest Cabela's to me is 90 miles away... coulda saved 50 bucks.
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I don't think you really save at Cabela's, I live about 30 minutes from one and I am constantly spending money there icon_razz.gif
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HOBBIES LOL LOLPDT_Armataz_01_14.gif
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My word of caution...Do not put a lot of wood in it at one time...4 to 5 chips every 30 minutes...or 2 marshmallow sized chunks every 40 minutes will be plenty....all you want is to just be able to see a little smoke rising from the top vent....when you wrap meat up in foil to continue cooking you can stop adding wood...mix some apple with the hickory and the taste of your finished product will not be on the oversmoked side as far as taste goes

good luckcool.gif
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actually the one you got at sams is Larger then the one at cabela's, it was a special order thing they did....... PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Cabelas needs to update their pics. I bought mine about 6 months ado and it is the new model. I told them the picture was wrong then but they haven't switched it yet.
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Just bought my MES today from Sams club I will be doing 4 racks of spares and 2 baby backs tommorow. Then a boston butt Sun-mon for pulled pork for MNF. Thanks for all the info you guys have posted that helped me pull the trigger as I am a serious charcoal guy when it comes to grilling and was concerned about flavor.
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