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Welcome to the SMF Familyicon_exclaim.gif

I have been toying with the idea of home brewing. I know I can get help from my brothers & sisters here @ the SMFicon_razz.gif should I decide to dive in.
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Started with metal box also

Hey I started the same way metal box from wally world and apple chips when I did porkchops then I found a electric brinkman at a garage sale for $8.00
Then it was all down hill. Made my own homebuilt smoker, then bought one
what a great hobby or way of life.
Good luck and good Smoking
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Wookie - seems quite a few of us started with humble beginnings and evolved to bigger and better... As you know, these folks will eagerly take care of us beginners... welcome!
- Steve
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Welcome Wookie,
I am a newbie as well and I can tell you I just did my first smoke and it was with everyones help that garnered us success. The rub and sauce recipe that Jeff sells is well worth the money and very tasty. There are some fantastic people here. Hope you have as much fun with your new hobby as I am so far. Cheers from BADSS.
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Welcome aboard the SMF. We have a member and his smoker is nicknamed 'The Wookie'. I think its great ........... We'll see if the two of you find each other.
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When I first saw this name I though Cheech was fooling with us! Calling himself by his smokers name!
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I probably fall into the "just getting started" category as well. I am an avid hunter and cut and prepare all my own game. I have taken many nice deer and lots of cow elk but I am still in search of the big bull elk. "some day". my wife and kids love some of the stuff i have oven smoked. I decided this fall to build a "real" smoker. I basically turned a 55 gallon barrel on end like a beer can and put a chimney on it. If any of you have any pointers please share them I am pretty much going by feel at this point. thanks Jeff for the cool site.
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Home Brewing

Homebrewing is fun but it's more science than art.
If you decide to start, just pop into a homebrew shop and get the "extract kit." Don't worry about all the gadgets and books right away.
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