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au contrair mon frere smoke freak...I'll see your red savina and raise you almost double...that's right, red savina comes in at not quite 600,000 on the scoville scale...Guiness did change the record and it is now the bhut jolokia. I have a red sovina planted also but haven't tried that...and no, I can't imagine making an ABT out of one!!! Please check the link below for more bhut info...
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Great ... how can I send postage?
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I would lke to get some seed also if possible. Would gladly send some rub or sauce or something in exchange.
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Pound of tongue-flesh? LOL~!
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Whoever would like some seeds, just send me a PM with your name and address. We'll be harvesting this weekend so I'll get some done and out to charge! Happy to do it! icon_mrgreen.gif see!
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Shell.. Nobody has ever called me that before. Hope it wasnt bad or something. Anyway you got my attention.. Tell me more.
Is this a thin walled pepper such as a regular hab or is it thicker like my red savina? Just interested in how well it will dry. Also sounds like an awsome sauce ingrediant. Im like a mad scientist when it comes to creating new hot sauce recipies. This one sounds like one to try..
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Talk to me Shell. Dont leave me hangin...
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I would call it thin walled, and I'll let you know about drying, we have some drying out right now...outide...everyone started sneezing inside the house so we had to move the dehydrator outside...BTW, I don't believe it's in the habby family, it's a ch.chinense...hubby dried out some peppers last weekend, he ran them through the food processor yesterday, he used habby's, inferno, and a super hot. You should smell this stuff!! Just a little sprinkle!

Have you ever tried making hot pepper jelly. He does that and it's awesome over a block of cream cheese and crackers! He even will put it on ice cream!
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BTW, I believe translated it's "on the contrary sir"
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