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Amazing Bacon

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Smoked my first bacon yesterday using Buckboard bacon cure, and it turned out great. Everyone was impressed with the flavor and its almost gone. I used a 5lb pork butt, and plan on making a bigger batch next time. I'm gald that I found this site, good recipes, advice, and my food seems to turn out better everytime.smile.gif
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I haven't done bacon or a fatty yet. I would imagine that bacon slow smoked blows the doors off of anything store bought.
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Sounds good... How about some pics of the smoke??
when you do the next one post a few pics so we can enjoy it with you.
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Congrats Gramason! Now that you know the secret you'll be making lot of the stuff! It's just as easy to make serveral at once. I put em in vacuum sealer bags and it seems to really get into the meat.

I have 20 pounds of pork belly in brine as we speak. Gotta do a few more buckboards soon.
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