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Florida Smoke Out

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Well, looking at the forecast I think the weather is going top be fantastic.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif A cold front is going to move through on Thursday dropint the temps to mid 80's and low humidity. Saturday for the "event" is going to be 80-87* with only a 10% chance of rain and clear skys! PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif USF Football will be on the radio at noon too.PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif Go Bulls! #5
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Wow, that sound like perfect weather for you FlaGriller!cool.gif
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LOL Ever feel all alone?
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Yeah, but I have this invisable friend and my doctorPDT_Armataz_01_03.gif ahh never mind.

Looks like good weather.
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Sounds great FlaGriller. I hope all works out smooth and the Florida group has a great time. Don't forget the pics... every gathering has to have pics and stories.
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Darn, I hope someone brings a camera. I don't have a digital one.
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I'll try to remember to bring one..........my wife is the big picture taker, so it is not something I usually think about.
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Mine too. All we have is a film type. I guess I could scan them, but the quality when posted ?
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I can see myself showing up with the camera and Juniper Berries, but no smoker. LOL I need to make a list............and follow it. icon_redface.gif
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That sounds like something I'd do... I always leave the important stuff at home. LOL .. get the pics if you can remember to take the camera.
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Yeah, I made one and all I need to do is bring some tables from work and get some buns.
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Have fun guys!
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I will try and bring my camera as well... Also if anyone forgets anything I don't think it will be hard to run out and get it.

This should be a great time! I can't wait
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They say it's alright to talk to yourself but start worrying if you answer yourself,I think you need to start worrying eek.gif
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Im definitely bringing my digital and will take lots pf pictures. The 14th is miss rockys birthday so even if the weather is not suitable for motorcycling we will drive down on the 13th for the smoke out..
I hope nothing goes wrong and interferes with our plans.
We will bring 3or 4 bottles of home made wine for sharing and a few pounds of home made potatoe salad.
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Everyone READY!!!! Is it tomorrow yet?

Sure was nice an cool this morning. It almost broke 70 for a low this morning! hehehe

Guess I better get my list of stuff together for tomorrow.. What am I cooking againPDT_Armataz_01_08.gif

Looking forward to met you all...
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Yeah, when I stepped outside this morning I thought I might have to back in for a jacket. icon_eek.gif 70 brrrrr..... I think last night was the first time in months that my air conditioning shut off.........maybe this next electric bill will be under $400 icon_evil.gif Damn power company.

Oh yeah, ready for tomorrow..........other than the fact that I have to hook up the trailer, load it up, prep the meat...........

I told my son last night that I would not be at his game tomorrow and he said "are you going to some cook off thingy" LOL icon_redface.gif
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You're going to help me and Joe cook the ribs we got. I have 3 double packs of beefies.
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Seasoned the country ribs and chicken breasts with EVOO and rub, will do the beefies and butts tonight.
Have my sauce all made, Alice is doing corn bread and brownies in the morning and getting the house ready.

My one son is going to the USF Game at noon and we'll listen on the radio.
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We are really looking foreward to it.
We chose 4 diferent wines from our inventory. I hope we have room in the sissy bar bag. I dont have saddle bags.
Today we start the potatoe salad. The real deli stuff we used to make is always made the day before. Then it sits overnight to absorb the first application of mayo/salad dressing.
A second application is added just before it is set out to sell. We will add the second application at about saturday noon when we leave for brandon. I have a small 6 pack cooler to transport the salad and keep it cool.
The weather for the weekend looks great.
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