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Prime Rib

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Has anyone smoked a prime rib?
What is the ideal temperature to take it off of the smoker?
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I smoke them at 325 to 350 and take it off at 120 internal for rare. Let it rest for about 30 minutes. The internal temp will rise between 5 and 10 degrees as it rests, so pull it off a little bit shy of what you are looking for.
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Thanks Joe,

I am going to smoke it a little slower than that, about 250 so I may not take it off until about 130 degrees and then let it rest. May wrap it in foil and towels in a cooler for an hour or so.

Thanks for the info.
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If you wrap it up it may continue to cook longer, this will depend on the doneness you want ,rare to meduim. I also smoke them at 225-250.
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That is what I was figuring on so that when I unwrap it to put on the table the internal temp would be between 135 and 140.

Thanks for your input.

I hadn't seen any posts about smoking a prime rib so i was kind a curious if others smoked this cut of meat. I would certainly hate to ruin this expensive cut.
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If I were to smoke prime rib, I might smoke for a while to get some flavor then finish it on the grill. Texture is pretty important to me on that wonderful cut of meat!
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I love a good prime rib, and I've never thought about smoking one. Let me know how these turn out. Thanks.

And I agree, I like mine rare as well. No other way for a prime rib.
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Yes Keep us informed!

Sure have been thinking about smoking one of these as well. Let us know how they turn out and what the internal temps were.
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We used to do primes at the beach club every thursday. A good rare prime is unbeatable. I would go with joe and do a slightly higher temp take it to 120-130 and then a quick sear on the grill.

Thats one thing I miss about the club. We always had prime rib left over. I cut some SLABS off of it and chowed down. (even made cheese steak sammiches from it)

Got my mouth watering now just thinking of it.
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Yeah, you can do some good stuff with the left if only we could find prime rib on sale for $.99/lb like the butts. icon_cry.gif
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here here fbj.........

i have done several........they turn out well.............

i once did a salt crust on one..........was scared to do it that way.......fraid it would turn out WAY to salty........and ruin a 70dollar piece of meat.......but NOPE.............salt just turned to a crust and sealed in the need for a sear.......

problem with a large that the whole thing has to been done at whatever temp you want.........not like doing it in the oven with the foil wraps.......taking each section of foil the meat will have a rare part......a med. rare part........and a med. part..(ACK).......great way to do prime rib.......smoking it........YUM..........darn i want to do one again.......but in this day and way could i afford it.......CRAP

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Yeah, I have done the salt crust thing before also........had the same feeling you I don't want to screw up a high $$ chunk of meat.

I have also done a brisket flat in salt on the smoker........kept in a foil pan from start to finish. It was pretty good, I prefer the traditional way, but it came out pretty well. If you are ever looking for something different to try with the brisket, give that a shot.
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You can use the "Search" feature and enter "Prime Rib", you'll be amazed at the number of returns that you'll get.
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