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Monster ribs

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WAs at Walmart lookin for cheap brisket when I found these monsterous beef back ribs marked down for quick sale. They are about 8" across and at least 16" long. Maybe thats not so big but it is much bigger than the ones Ive bought at Dillons.

My question is will these have to be trimmed like I do with spare ribs to get rid of the knuckle and grissel?
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I never trim my beef ribs, but I also never trim my spare ribs either.
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Personal preference...

I trim mine, but that's the way I like 'em... better presentation and easier to eat. I'll still smoke the trimmed meat, but it gets used for other things...
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I just did these a couple weeks ago and didn't trim them much. I tried to remove the membrane from them, but they have multiple layers it seemed. That hardened up during the smoke, but the meat was tender enough that you could just separate the meat from the membrane. Keep an eye on the fire. These things are fatty!
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