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learn from my mistake

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hi Folks,
happy canadian thanksgiving, I'm smoking two turkeys out in my back yard this morning, and I had a silly / funny mistake happen to me. first i'm smoking them in two small canadian tire smokers they are about the size of your regular charcoal bbq but with a seperate firebox. i started to fires with some hardwood kindling and charcoal briqs. smoker #1 got upto 250f pretty fast and all is well, but smoker #2 wouldn't go over 150f I stoked the coals I fanned into the vent, no matter what i tried it just wouldn't go over 150f. now I'm sure you seasoned smokers are chuckeling at the obvious answer. but it took me a good hour of panick to figure it out. my temp is read off a themomiter in the lid. and the rod sticking into the smoker is about 4 inches long, well, it was planted right into the side of my bird, so i was getting a reading off the birds side and not the smokers inner temp.PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

oh well live and learn, I'll update later and let ya all know how my turkeys turned outicon_lol.gif
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so far so good
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Happy Thanksgiving fellow Canucker.

Iam doing 2 as well, 1 is boned out and other normal, started at 5 30 this morn in lite rain and I am doing a pork butt as well. Temp steady at 240 F Lots of family coming over.
I ll post pics later.
John C.
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I'm looking forward to seeing the picsPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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PDT_Armataz_01_24.gif That's pretty funny!
I have the same smoker, I stick my meat thermometer through the hole in the lid to watch the internal temp.

maybe it was more of a discovery than a mistake.
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If nothing else about 30 people will lift the lid after they put the thermometer in to make sure they didn't poke through the meat too!
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I was thinking the very same thing. Next smoke, I'm gonna pay attention to wear the probe is.
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Well toy be surprised how many people wouldn't have figured it out and toasted the heck outta those birds! Happy Thankgiving!
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