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Hunky creamed spinach

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This is a delicious recipe that goes well with most anything.

2 Lbs. spinach
1 cup water
1 clove garlic minced
bit of cracked BP
2 full Tbsp bacon drippings
<Consider a crumbled strip of bacon as well>
2 heaping Tbsp. flour
Half cup milk or I like to use "haff an' haff"
1 cup sour cream
Kosher salt to taste
2 hard boiled eggs sliced for topping

Wash, drain, chop and simmer spinach in water

In another pot, add bacon drippings and flour, mix and brown

set roux off the heat and mix into it the spinach and garlic, then fold in sour cream- mix till smooth.

Add salt to tast, pepper and milk and heat gently to a bubble for a few min over low flame- easy to burn...be gentle! Add a bit more milk if it turns too thick.

Top with egg slices and a bit of paprika and C.B.P. on top and serve ..YUM!
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YUMMY!!! I love creamed spinach, and this looks good. Thanks Rich, just added to my list of GOOD FOOD
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Ill try this one. Anything with spinach and bacon cant be too bad. Maybe more bacon though..
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Thanks for the recipe Richtee, it looks great... can't wait to try it!icon_smile.gif
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I love spinach!! Thanks for the recipe.
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What's C.B.P mean?
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Sigh. I'm sending this to Jeff too...JEFF, can we get C.RACKED B.LACK P.EPPER IN THE VOCAB/LINGO/ thing? If only for me...it's all i use.. :{)
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Added CBP and C.B.P. to the Acronyms list..
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You da MAN!

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Be sure to post feedback, all who try it...or mod it!
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Ah! I love spinach or any greens for tha matter but I'm the onlyone in the house that does ... and it looks so good! icon_cry.gif
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Digging up oldies..made this tonight with sliced
beef sammies... BUMP!
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I'm all over this like white on rice.
Thanks for the bump.
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oh yeah gotta say thanks for the bump!
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Talk to me Rich

Im wonderin if you ever made this usin frozen spinach. All I can find in the store is baby spinach (love the stuff) and 2# will about break the bank. Not sure how much frozen to use but I guess that wont be too tough to figure out.

Also how many does this serve, approx.
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Basically cooked down spinach is a LOT more spinach than the net weight is. I say that cooked spinach starts out 4 times as much.

Hope that helps.

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Oh, you'll also want to drain the frozen spinach of any water.
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Thant sounds great Rich, gonna have to try itcool.gif
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Good looking recipe! I might try it one of these days.
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Hey V... it's ALMOST perfect for a Hungarian Eggs Benedict!
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