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Volume VS. Time ?

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I am doing 2 turkeys tomorrow morning, 1 is 12 lbs and other is a boned out 10 lbs. Will my time be extended longer because of the second bird.

John C.
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no- not w/ the cimarron. maybe 4 briskets e yes.
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Time vs. Volume

Thanks, the pressue is on for 5 am tomorrow yikes !
I have a pile of family over for din din.
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It's poultry kick it up to 300 to 350 if you can!
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p.s. i hope ya did brine- if not butt can that bird, wrap in bacon(no toothpick holes) & baste pften w/ oil(or rub) & butter.
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Well there's still time to brine it's early yet!
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