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Jack Daniels is pretty much the standard whiskey in our area and has been for decades. It's a good sippin' whiskey.   

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 Google UJSM to find out what I like. I have some about 2 years old now.

                                    ( Uncle Jesse's Sour Mash )



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There's always a bottle of Jack black at my house. A buddy of mine just brought me a 1.75 couple weeks ago to smoke him some meat for his bowl party. There is also a normally a bottle of Evan Williams for mixing and smoking. Jack green I hate granted its cheaper but tastes like crud to me.

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When I'm in your house I'll be polite and drink what you have to offer but in my house if you're company it's Black Label Jack. If you're a good friend it could be Gentleman Jack and for those that are really close there's always a bottle of Single barrel. Green Label is a no no.

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Green label is just watered down black label. Nasty stuff.

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What are you paying? Here is what I pay $17.98. For evan willams 20.00 for jim beam. This this is half gallons before tax at .08%.
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Saves me a mint over buying Crown.

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Originally Posted by Richtee View Post

Is James B. Beam the finest for the price? I mean I have had Blanton's, Maker's, Booker's, Freakin' Ten High, Fighting ****, Woodbine's.... but dollars per lip smacks... whaddia bourbon fans say?

PS..fresh mint and a bit of sugar are calling me... it and they will drink...

I have gone with Knob Creek, Woodford Reserve, and on and on....but I always seem to migrate back to Maker's Mark. 


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My favorites are Makers Mark bourbon, Crown Royal whisky. 

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Originally Posted by smokebuzz View Post

Bulliet(bull-yea) is great, is Jack not considerd a Bourbon cuz its not from Bourbon county KY., and just a great whiskey?


i believe jack is distilled different. i just watched history channel and they were showing jack daniels factory and the jim beam factory and said the differance but i cant remember off the top of my head. if i can find the video ill post it.




JB is Bourbon Whiskey, JD is Tennessee Whiskey.

Bourbon production is clearly defined by a strict set of laws, which JD, not being Bourbon, does not have follow. Yes, Bourbon must be made from at least 51% sweet corn, in new charred oak barrels for at least two years. JB must follow these guidelines, whilst JD does not have to. However, JD still does for the most part.

What does make JD different is that it's mellowed through sugar-maple Charcoal before it's aged. This is what adds the slightly different flavour to Tennessee Whiskeys. It's hard to articulate, but personally I think that JD has a stronger, harsher taste.



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I've recently started drinking the Jim Beam Red Stag. It doesn't take me too long to go through a bottle of that-it's good stuff.

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Can't beat Evan Williams for a budget priced stock bourbon. Love Buffalo Trace when I want to spend more on it.

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makers mark is where its at.  i actually just picked up some makers 46.  great great stuff

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Cedar Ridge!  Made here in Iowa and it is delicious!  Ohh...Makers works as well, Buffalo Trace isn't terrible, and I think that is all I remember.


If we are going Canadian Whikky - Crown me please!

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My Favorite os Ezzra Brooks, it a Kentucky straight Burbon Whiskey.



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