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Old Weller 107 proof.

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Well my favorite bourbon is Turkey 101, but I'm a scotch drinker & prefer Johnny Walker, Mostly I buy the red, once in a while a bottle of black. My fantasy is a bottle of blue.

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In my opinion Bulleit is the best bourbon on the market. It's hard to find a bar/restaurant that offers it but it is an amazing spirit. It also have a very interesting history being that it, the making of it, took almost a 100 year hiatus.
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Jim Beam is My favorite  drinkin whiskey If i'm buying.

 If you Buying we'll drink whatever you want to pay for.

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We been doing the Red Stag , by J.Beam....Real good stuff

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I like Bulliet! Also Jim Beam Rye (yellow labled bottle) and Rebel Yell

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I'm partial to Canadian Whisky myself, especially Forty Creek, or Wiser's 18 year old.

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Jim Beam is my all time favorite!  Fighting Cock is pretty good and strong too, just can't get it up in my neck of the woods anymore.

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My dad always told me to drink my coffee black and my Jack Daniels with water. That way you don't have to carry anything to the woods for the weekend. So like my dad Jack Daniels. Here in Tennessee we can buy Green label for about $9 less a 1.75 than Black Label

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Originally Posted by smokebuzz View Post

Bulliet(bull-yea) is great, is Jack not considerd a Bourbon cuz its not from Bourbon county KY., and just a great whiskey?

one of my favorites!!!

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HEAVEN HILL and some good ole peach white likker !!!

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Makers is my favorite but it's pricey so mostly is Turkey 101 for me straight up don't mess up the wiskey, keep the water for the aspirins before bed....
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I'm growing to like scotch so I haven't had a good bourbon in a while, I suppose I should make a purchase sometime this week. If I do, it'll be Maker's Mark.

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Cooking Bourbon- Evan Williams

Mixing- J.Beam, Evan Williams

Table Bourbon- Makers Mark, Knob Creek

'Got Some Extra Money this Week Bourbon'- Bakers, Noah Mills, Knob Creek 120, Blantons, Eagle Rare 18


Best bang for the buck- Buffalo Trace, Old Forester Birthday Bourbon.


Want to try- Bulliet, Watten.


Overrated- Makers 46.


Bourbons I didn't like- Elija Craig, Four Roses. I don't think these are poorly made bourbons, they had too much of a flowery/fruity taste for me. I like the vanilla/oak/leather tastes better.

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whatever you have will be fine.....just keep it coming!

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No one mentioned it, but, Woodford Reserve is my favorite.  I don't think anyone can drink that and say that it isn't how bourbon is supposed to taste. 

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Gonna have to agree w/ Strawman on this one.  Woodford Reserve is the one.

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I'd have to go with Evan Williams Small Batch or Single Barrel... or Bookers if I want to splurge....Three of my favorites....



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Originally Posted by Strawman View Post

No one mentioned it, but, Woodford Reserve is my favorite.  I don't think anyone can drink that and say that it isn't how bourbon is supposed to taste. 

Woodford is good, no doubt about it. That, and Makers Mark are my go-to bourbons.

If you can find it, I highly recommend Dry Fly, made in Washington state. Has some beautiful vanillin and apple notes to it.


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I think my name says it all... nuff said
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