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Is James B. Beam the finest for the price? I mean I have had Blanton's, Maker's, Booker's, Freakin' Ten High, Fighting ****, Woodbine's.... but dollars per lip smacks... whaddia bourbon fans say?

PS..fresh mint and a bit of sugar are calling me... it and they will drink...
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fightin' **** or maker's mark.
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The **** is decent priced, but Maker's up here is twice James... not got the lipsmack/buck appeal to me. Love it, but...
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do you know why hitler didnt drink whiskey........made him mad.
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i prefer rum myself but some people up here like "old mason jar"PDT_Armataz_01_07.gif
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Thread Starter that case, I say he drank too much.
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Knob Creek gets my vote...even if its a little on the pricey side...
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I don't know depends on what kind of mood I'm in. Do you want black or white? Most of the time it's Turkey 101 for meicon_biggrin.gif
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It all depends..

Juleps - Makers
Manhattans - Basel Haydens
Sippin - Pappy Van Winkle
w/ Ginger Ale - Makers usually, but any will do
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Bulliet(bull-yea) is great, is Jack not considerd a Bourbon cuz its not from Bourbon county KY., and just a great whiskey?
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I am a beer and (single malt) scotch drinker, but...Dickles Green Label strikes my fancy if given a choice.

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i pretty much stay beer now.. but in the day .. Crown and coke... jack black label, then wild turkey rare breed, or select breed.
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Jack Daniels is considered a Tennesee Whiskey because it is "charcoal mellowed" and swill
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i live in asouth central kentucky- no booze here unless it'sfrom a personal still but we got more dope fields & meth labs than anybody's business- bourbon is fron mid/north(by law now) kentucky,whiskey is from tennessee, & scotch( i like mcclennam or glen garioch fer cheaps)is single malt imported scots whiskey. but like i said- boys 'round here like "ol' mason jar"- better known as hooch....
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Thish thread ish counterrrrrproooductive to ma stealth...err health...well, boff I guess. :{)
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If I'm drinking it straight or with a few drops of water then I prefer something with more wheat like a Maker's or Old Fits. if I'm mixing then a Beam or any of the small batches they make (bakers etc). But if you are taking quality for the price and not cheapest i can buy without it tasting like burnt cork, then you have to try a Pappy Van Winkle. Hands down best bourbon in the world. If you want to find out a lot more then you would even want to know then head over to Basically it is the bourbon equivalent of this great forum. Nice, helpful people with a TON of knowledge and insight.
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[quote=Richtee;97049]Is James B. Beam the finest for the price? I mean I have had Blanton's, Maker's,

Rich, not that I drink anymore and when I did I usually made my own. But for a off the shelf Bourbon I always thought Maker's Mark was the best available, but the price was a tad high considering my intake at the time.

Long story short I was flying a line that had a RON in California and went to the local Safeway, maybe it was an Albertson's now that I think about it and they had a house brand Kentucky Bourbon that even had the cap dipped in red wax! I'm telling you that in a side by side comparison it was an exact clone of Makers. Many friend tried to tell the difference and couldn't! I would get bottles of that stuff and refill my old makers bottle and people in Oregon never knew the difference.
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I'm an Old Grand-Dad fan... at least for Q-ing. I don't drink much whiskey anymore, but I love the flavor in my Q...
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My fav's
Bourbon = Makers
Scotch= Anything 12 years or older (if I can afford it)
Normaly I'm a wine drinker I like to drink wine from a local Vinyaryd called Kreutz Creek, good stuff and nice people too.
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I typically drink whiskey, scotch, gin, or tequila. I would have to say that wild turkey and makers mark are my favorites in the bourbon realm. Whiskey, I'm all about Jack Daniels, Scotch I like Glenfidditch 12 year, Gin I like Bombay Sapphire, and Tequilla I'll drink just about anything. I like all of the drinks on the rocks, not too pollute it with sugary mixers.
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