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25 pounds of summer sausage and hitemp cheese

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hello everyone

i just made 25 pounds of summer sausage with hi temp cheddar cheese it turned out awesome debb i used a special meat binder and some dry milk for the binder and i think i like it the sausage is nice and moist i got the binders from butcher-packer i smoked the sausage using hickory

here are some pics

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that looks really good huey.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Those look great salmonclubber!!icon_smile.gif
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Dang Huey, looks great!!! What kind of casing do you use? I been talkin with Mossy, tryin to figure out a good stuffer and what type of casing to use. What temp do you smoke it, and for how long? Oh hell, just write a 400 page book and send it to me. icon_redface.gifrolleyes.gif Terry
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Man that looks good. I wish I knew how to do that. My wife loves summer sausage.
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Awesome looking summer sausage !!! Another good hi-temp cheese for both meat sticks and summer sausage is swiss/jalapeño. Your pic's are really making me hungry for deer hunting season !!!
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Wow... eat yer heart out O-s-c-a-r M-e-y-e-r! hehehe
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Those looks great.... Have had a stuffer for a year now & it's just collecting dust. This has given me the un-dust and use it syndrome. Thanks for posting.
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Nice!! That high temp cheese is the ticket.
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I just gotta wonder Hi-temp cheese.... asbestos? Heh...but seriously...anyone got a clue!?!

Less fat/more whey?
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Salmon,those are some nice looking sausages.I love sausage making time,Im about out from last season.The cheese is the ticket,makes it interesting.
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absolutely beautiful work!! looks yummy :)
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p.s. huey- now if you'll just throw a couple of those into a nice wood giftbox & mail to me......PDT_Armataz_01_34.gifPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Boy that looks great, is mine in the mail yet? icon_rolleyes.gif
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thanks guys

i do all my smoke sausage using pre mixed seasonings they come with cure sometimes i add a little cayane pepper just depends on how i feel the cheese and the meat binders that i used on this batch made the sausage turn out really great what a difference
i start the sausage at a smokehouse temp of 120 for one hour then i add the wood smoke at 120 for another hour then i bump it up to 140 for a hour then on up to 160 for another hour and then up to 175 when the sausage temp reaches 152 i pull and give a cold water bath this cools the sausage and keeps it from getting all wrinkled up

i used fibrous casing
pre mixed summer sausage seasoning
special meat binder from butcher-packer
powdered dry milk
and hi temp chedder cheese

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I'm gonna try unflavored gelatin in my next batch of summer....that nice tight meat... hard to get without a binder.
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WooHoo! Those are some pretty summer sausages Huey! Gotta love that high temp cheese it keeps it's form nicely in the smoker.

So which binder did you use? I use powdered milk and soy powder in alot of sausages.

Got a free packet of this stuff called Flavor booster with no instructions for use from somebody. I ordered a bunch of sausages supplies from 3 different places and just dumped them in all in a big box so I have no idea where I got it.
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That flavor booster is from Curley's Sausage Kitchen !!!
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They look great... Where did you get the cheese? What kit did you use?
I use the Hi Mnt Summer Bologna kits and they are good but I am always looking to something new.. I got some Leggs spices last year and made some pepperoni sticks and they were real good.
Great looking SS
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deb i used the special meat binder from butcher-packer and dry milk powder 2 oz of each for 25 pounds of meat
seaham i get most of my sausage supplies from ps seasoning they have everything i need it is not a kit it is just premixed season
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