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my 1st ever BBQ chicken

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well this Sunday ill be doing my 1st chicken. Any tips? i am thinking of useing a rub i saw in DJ's book of rubs "Poultry Perfect Rub"... any other good ideas... and what temp do i cook to my Webber Meat Thermometer say 180 i have seen 165 and 170 so i dont know what to cook to one last thing what would yall put with it im thinking slaw corn bread and baked beens. ill post pics after i bbq it wish me luck
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How are you cooking that yard bird? On a can? whole, laying down? Spatchcock?

Chicken skin will be rubbery if done low & slow. I would recommend 325*

If you are going for pulled chicken 180* with the meat thermometer. Poultry is done @ 160*.
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Hiya, Links.

Three words of advice for any poultry...BRINE! BRINE! BRINE! Trust will make all the difference in the world if you want a moist and succulent bird!

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im doing the whole thing w/o a can ok can some one tell me about brine??
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Check out the articles on brining in the left side box. Jeff explains the process very thoroughly and you will find different recipes as well.

Word of caution: Be sure to keep it VERY COLD during the brining process. If it won't fit in the fridge, try brining in a 5 gal bucket placed inside a large cooler packed with ice and keep covered.

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Brining is just the process of adding moisture to the meat. You are putting the meat in a salt water solution and through a combination of the salt fluid flowing into the bird or the fibers of the meat being broken down or wahtver explanation you believe the result is a succulent moist bird.

Here is the basic process. Mix 2 gallons of water 1 cup kosher salt and whatever flavorings you want to introduce. Make sure the water is cold and mix the ingredients well. Some people heat the liquid to allow the salt and other items to dissolve more easily but if you do make sure the solution is below 40 degrees before you add the meat to prevent bacteria growth.

Here is my process

2 gallons water
1/2 to 1 c kisher salt
1/2 c brown sugar
1/2 cup maple syrup
black pepper
1/2 c orange juice
1 cut up orange squuezed into mix and add the orange pieces

Put in a pot and stir till dissoved
Put in a large oven or turkey bad and add the bird
close up bag and make sure bird is submerged getting all the air out and tying securely
put bag in pot and place in fridge,
keep temp at below 40 degrees
leave in brine 4-8 hours
remove from liquid and wash very thoroughly and pat dry
smoke bird

Cook at 300-325 until thickest part is 165-170 degrees

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Links -

Definately give that bird a brine for a few hours at least and smoke her at about 300 to 350 whatever you ca manage on your smokers. It'll crispy up the skin nice!
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so do you put the rub on after the brine
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You will be happy with a brine.. I will never cook another unless its brined..
Brine, rinse well with water, pat dry inside and out then coat with rub. I like to put Olive oil on the bird before the rub, helps it stay on...
I brined a few birds and 5-6 hours works very well for me. Good luck..
Post them pics..
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Plus.........pull the skin........julienne it........fry it up as bacon.........and add to the chicken.......that is IF you are pulling it......we did it friday nite

YUM is all i can say......WHOLE lotta pics coming tomorrow.........yardbird........spam.........butt ........and japs.............

stay tuned

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