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wood question

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I have apple tree that was cut down and have wood to use for smokeing
should it season for around 6 months or can i use it sooner
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It is best and preferable to use wood that is seasoned. Some will tell you that it is okay to use green wood - but they are probably using full blown stick burners and usually pre-heat their wood before putting in in the fire box.

Basically I'm saying you should let it season before using it. But that's my opinion.
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Let it season, Depending on the size of the wood, I would say at least a year.

Gypsyseagod has a cool trick that requires duct tape........I,ll let him explain it.PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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mixed results.....

I think you will get mixed results; so here's the first half of the 2 kinds of answers you're probably going to get:

I like my apple dry dry dry. I mean when I split it, I want it to sound like a broken baseball bat clanking together. So, I say at least 6 months. The stuff I'm using this year, I cut down early last summer.

If you have a bunch, and don't mind wasting a small percentage, you could start a fire outside your smoker and cook the green apple down to embers. Then scoop the embers into your smoker. Much less chance of creosote buildup.

I will mention that I'm a wierdo when it comes to apple. I like to cut thin slivers of the stuff and set it on a hot plate in the house, just for the sweet smell (yea, I get in trouble from the boss!)
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Some woods, especially fruit wood will loose a lot of flavor power if kept too long.However you want to dry it to some extent.If wood is cut after the sap has went down in the fall I feel it is ready to use.Without the sap in it you wont get the bad taste but there is still enough moisture in the wood to aid in getting a longer burn and smoke out of a chunk.
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In my opinion @ 6 months you should be OK with preheating it. Even better is Geek with Fire's suggestion of burning it to embers & putting those embers in the smokerPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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An experiment:

Cut into 2" thick discs, and place in an over with a propped slightly open door at 125 for 10 hours.

I'm curious.
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I'm the stick burner, i have cut a "green" apple tree down and smoked with it the next day, but i have a good bed of "dryed" oak coals burning. If the coals arnt hot, you may get a not so desirable flavor from green wood being used.
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I used spring trimmings in the fall and fall trimmins in the spring - I cut it to size and stack it in a dry place until it's ready.
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