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Minion Method

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I just finished reading the 2nd lesson in Jeff's 5 day course. I researched the "minion method" of controlling heat as he suggested and saw where one person uses this method and burns the charcoal in a charcoal basket. Does anyone else have a charcoal basket? does it work well? where can they be purchased? are they worth the cost? what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Thank you.
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Depending on what type of smoker you have. I made a simple 12 x 12 basket that is 6" deep out of expanded metal from Home Depot. I just cut 6 x 6 squares off of each corner then bent the sides up. I've had trouble using the minion method, but I think i need to seal up my char griller a little more to control the air flow better.
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Hi Foozer, I have a charcoal basket that I use in GOSM I made it out of 1/2" expanded sheet metal and used carriage bolts for legs.It ain't pretty but it works. It can hold about 20lbs of charcoal ( brick, around 15lbs of lump). I can get about a 12 to 14 hour burn (or longer depending on weather conditions) in the GOSM using the Minion Method. Best thing I ever made for my smoker. It made tending fires much easier and worry free. As for buying one??? I know that Kloss out of Huston TX make them. But it might be just as easy and cheaper for you to make one. Advantages: Longer burn time, less time tending fire, more fuel efficient, steady temps etc. Disadvantages: Hmmm let me think.... I really don't know of any??? Ron
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Thanks Motley & Ron,

Do you have any pictures? Kind a want to see what my finished product should look like when I am done.
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Foozer, I use the minion method on my weber kettle along with the Smokenator and can get about 6 hours of steady temps without having to add any charcoal. I don't use my kettle any other way.
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HAWGEYES in Ankeny has them, not sure on price, mine came with the basket

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