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Has anyone used mulberry wood and if so how well does it work.

Thanks Brian
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I have not used it personally, but know people that have that love it. One even calls it his "top secret" wood. LOL
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Woodn't even know where to find it! icon_wink.gif
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Me neither, but the guys that I know use it are from Ohio and have no trouble getting it there from what I am told.
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Perhaps it is available in my neck of the woods ... not far from Ohio!
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3 Types of Mulberry listed on this site........all mention Ohio.......hmmmm.....what is so special about Ohio? LOL

Good site for tree info as well.
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I figured out why Ohio comes up.....it is an Ohio site. LOL Another mystery solved.........icon_redface.gificon_redface.gif

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I have a fruitless mulberry in my yard (looks like it may be the white). I need to prune it this fall so I think I'll dry some of it out this winter and try it. Thanks for the idea.
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I find it in the corner of my front yard, I cut it, it keeps coming back. Birds eat the berries, poop on my truck. PDT_Armataz_01_35.gif
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We have them in pennsylvania........must have the same birds two.
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I have more mulberry than I would like. Have tried it. It is a very mild smoke, nearer to pecan or peach than to mesquite. One caution....make sure it is dry! It is quite bitter until very dry.
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I totally agre with greazy, one of the only fruit woods i will let dry out before useing, excellent smoke when dried.
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I've used it - it's similar too apple. Make sure it's really dry though it leaves a sticky creaosol. Nice light yet sweet smoke.
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figures.......i have a neighbor cross the street who just trimmed BUNCHES of mulberry, the fruit bearing kind..........but its fresh...........



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Dude, you get the beer, i got the saw, midnite tree extraction?
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heheh.......limbs already cut down.........but its green.......won't be werth acrap for at least a year

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guys and gals, I have access to a bit of mulberry.. I am just wondering if it is really that great? from anyones personal experiance?? the reason I ask is caus when I have cut it green is smells real funky. thanks
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Please, if any one has any info from personal use of mulberry since this thread originally was posted please let me know. thanks a bunch folks !!!
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thanks th... I was just worried, every mulberry ive ever felled.. stank so bad I figured it might carry over... I will get some cut and let er season. I know a guy who need some cut down... so I can help him out and myself at the same time. thanks
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Any updates on this. I dropped some last year. Just got around to cutting in to shorter sections a month ago. Looks a little green yet. But been down for about 9 months.
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