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oven smoker

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new member here with a couple questions. currently i have a small electric smoker and i would like to upgrade. my neighbor gave me a propane oven that is basically brand new. i was wondering if anyone has made one into a smoker? if so what steps did you take to convert it into one? thanks for the help
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First, welcome to SMF and glad ya found us. Need to properly introduce yourseld over in "Roll Call".

Now for your ?, would help if you could post a pic of it to see what you're dealing with.
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Welcome, yes indeed post a pic so we can help out.
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ill stop by the roll call forum.

anyways its nothing special. just a regular propane range like this one http://www.bybb.com/images/products/rgb508pehwh.jpg
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Helps out alot! I've never converted one, but should'nt be too hard.

Guessing that's a pan storage bin on the bottom.....cut air intake vents in that and use it as your fire box. Then cut an exhaust vent through the top and add some dryer ducting for a stack (if you want a stack).

Also would have to do some cutting/drilling in the bottom to allow heat and smoke into the oven/chamber.

Just my .02cts worth. I'm sure others with more experince with this type of thing will be along shortly. Good luck and don't forgt to take a pic after is done!
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