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Chicken wings and Shrimp

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Smoked some wings and bacon wrapped shrimp tonight.. Tested the new Digi thermo that I wonicon_mrgreen.gif Worked great... Thanks again
Wings and shrimp about 1.5 into smoke

Put wings over direct heat to crisp up the skin

Finished wings and bacon wrapped shrimp

4 of the wings on the left were cooked on the grill for the wife. I marinated all the wings in the white sauce recipe a member posted. The smoked wings had little to no taste of the marinade. The grilled wings had a great taste from the white sauce even with the hot wing sauce on them.

For some reason the smoke took away? over powered the white sauce marinade.
They were real good no mater what happened..
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way kewl..........nice q-view......

how did the shrimp turn out?

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That shrimp looks long did they take, total smoke time?
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Looking really good there Seaham!
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I did not cook by time, I cooked till the bacon was done. I used already cooked shrimp so it was just the bacon I was cooking.
I also cooked half in the cool part of the smoker and rotated them with the hot part so they would get done about the time the chicken did.
If I had to guess I would say they were on 2 hours. these were small shrimp with thick sliced bacon and they were reallllllll gooooooooooood. I could have ate them all, but I didnt.. saved about half for tomorrow..
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Sounds good Seaham, those are now on my to do list PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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great Qview but i gotta sk- were the shrimp rubber? been cooking shrimp for years & they are tricky- usually even 10-15 count shrimp wrapped in bacon- to get the bacon done- the shrimp are rubber.great looking pics.
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No rubber shrimp here... They were real good, the wife loved them and she was iffy on eating smoked shrimp.
I guess I got lucky for my first shrimp smoke. If they were bad I would tell you so I could learn...
were your shrimp already cooked? I also used the thick sliced beacon.
Not sure the count number on the shrimp.. They were the small ones.
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only shrimp i ever cooked came straight off the pile- we owned boats for over 40 years...i never do anything less than 10-15 count whites that is until i moved here.... i'll never eat shrimp again unless i catch offense- i was just asking. most times my shrimp are still kicking on the fire.
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Thats just mean. Not that they are still kicking, but that you get such fresh shrimp all the time and then tell me about it. wink.gif
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did...i repeat did... last year when deisel wentto $2.85 per gallon & fresh shrimp went to $1.25 per lb for 10-15 white tails... we lost a 30 yr old business & i moved to kentucky.....still not sure how that worked.... PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif
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