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Dragon Smoker

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Saw this on my other site I visit. Very Cool!!! Be sure to scroll down and look at all the pics to really appreciate this beast
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Wow, just the sculpture by itself is pretty impressive... the fact that it's a smoker too is just a bonus...

Thanks for pointing us to that!
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That's like soo kewl.
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sure is different
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Now that's a q'en machine..!!!
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That is so amazing! I wish I had the time, talent, and skill to build something like that, absolutely incredible! There was some serious thought put into both design and functionality. I love how the racks are hinged to swing out for easy access. Beautiful.
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Simply Amazing!!! WOW!!
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Would love to take it to a comp. Talk about something that would create a buzz!!!
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Yeah, you wouldn't even have to cook anything and you'd still win... eek.gif
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