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I have the ultimate choice, if NEVER fails to satisfy, quench or deliver what the drinker is looking for.  That is:  THE ONE THATS IN YOU HAND...  sorry couldnt resist!



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a home made brew always goes good with bbq. if i don't have any homebrew on hand, i usually go for a red ale or a bock to go with my bbq.

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Shiner Bock or Yuengling

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Shiner Bock. Accept no substitute!

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I personally enjoy one of the following beers


Rahr and Sons Ugly Pug

Stone Smoked Porter

Buried Hatchet Stout


Anchor Porter

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  What about ( Creemore springs ) have you heard of it ? It's a premium lager made in the Village of Creemore, Ontario  Its a fine tasting beer that has No Additives No Preservatives. No Pasteurization It seams if you overdo it you don't feel to bad in the morning.Must be because no extras or maybe not ,I don't know  Its just good beer!!!

Mr Big D

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Bass Ale (although it's technically not beer)

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New Castle or Turbo Dog!

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How is Bass Ale not beer?

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Originally Posted by Frizzlefry View Post

Bass Ale (although it's technically not beer)

Last time I checked it was made with Water, Malted Barley, Hops, and Yeast.  I think this qualifies it as beer, if someone is willing to correct my way of thinking I will be more than happy to listen.


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You are totally correct there cowboy.

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Without a doubt or arguement,, The one you have in your hand that you just opened!!!!



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This is the silliest post ever posted. If you're BBQ-ing you must have a beer in hand & depending on what you're cooking & what you want to drink, I'd assume the beer in your hand is the best beer of your choice.


If you want to get serious give me your city/state and what you're bbq-ing and i'll give you some killer choices.

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One of my favorite beers to pair with grilled/bbq food is Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Marzen.  It's an Oktoberfest/Marzen style beer that is brewed using beechwood smoked malt.

Love that stuff!



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Probably one of the best Rauchbiers ever.

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I've been enjoying this one lately. It's pricey but it's soo good. Plus, it's 9.5% so yah don't need too many!





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The best?


Whatever is frosty, ice cold, open, and in my hand at the moment....

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Originally Posted by dward51 View Post

The best?


Whatever is frosty, ice cold, open, and in my hand at the moment....



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I don't drink any beer except Samul Adams. My favorite is Boston Lager. But I also like to try the seasonal beers as well. If I want something stronger I will drink Guiness.

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