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While Watching the smoker anything will do Bud Light, Coors, what ever I have on hand. With my BBQ I like Hoegaarden with just about anything. It is a Belgium white beer that is very smooth. I can only find it at specialty beer shops here but it is worth the hunt for me.

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Schlitz and Negro Modelo ..... ice cold only on a HOT day!    Fortunately its over 100degrees almost every day where I live....

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My father in-law use to deliver Schlitz back in the day. You should see his basement it is all old school Schlitz signs.

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Michelob Amber Bock

Paulaner Munich Lager

Miller High Life

or if I'm low on cash, good ole' Natty light

Btw - earlier in this post someone mentioned putting up a survey for votes.. did that ever happen?

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DUFFMAN, Schlitz is getting hard to find around these parts... right now Safeway is the only place within 20miles of me that carries it and then only in 6pk cans.... but at least I can still find it...

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Here is Richmond VA. We have a micro brew by the name of Legends.  They make several different batches but all seem to be good.  I enjoy there beer with my meal but like most on this forum when cooking I have a staple and that is Corona Light because I can drink them all day and not be hurting in the morning.



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Abita Amber/Light.  Nice local brew about an hour north of New Orleans.  It's a solid selection

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Sam Adams Black Lager is great, been drinking that this week.

Also got a 4 pack of Sam Adams Imperial White, which is also a great one but at 10% and $10 for a 4 pack dont think I'll be drinking too many of them.

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Terrapin Hopsecutioner.

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Originally Posted by chomper View Post


Cold & wet!!


Typically, when I'm 'cueing, it doesn't matter what it is, as long as it's there.



When I'm eating the food, That's different.

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 Samuel Adams Octoberfest...but it's not available for long.

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Miller High Life

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Whatever I have on tap. 


Usually can choose between an IPA, Pilsner, Stout, or Amber.

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I always prefer a homebrew.

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The Wifey went to the big city this weekend and brought me back a sampler from Goose Island out of Chicago.  I have to say that the Summertime Kolsch and Honker's Ale were both excellent!  Give em a try if you get a chance.


Empyrian Brewing out of Lincoln NE makes  a Honey Gold that is mighty tasty also!

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I've had the Honkers Ale. I like it. I am sure I will probably have some more when I go to Chicago in September.

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Love me some Dogfish Head 90 and 120 minute. Damn good beer. 


This weekend I have two goodies... 400 Pound Monkey, which is an English IPA by Left Hand Brewing, and Holy Mackerel Special Golden Ale, which is 8.5%, and very tasty. 

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I admit I love some Miller Lt when I'm having more than one or two, like when sittin' with the smoker.  Otherwise, I have a new fav, it's a local beer by Lonerider Brewery called Shotgun Betty....it's a Hefe and DELISH!! 

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