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Coors Lite for me.

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Well, if I'm being " good " it's a Bud Light. But if it's what I want ? It's Budweiser.

And seeing as how it's 4th of July weekend coming up, I'm having a bunch of people over, and I'll be spending essentially all weekend at the pit, I decided to go ahead and be bad, and picked-up two 36 packs of Bud today........guess I'm just a BAD man ! 

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We have a neat little place close by called "The Brew Pub" and they make some awesome beers, their "Blonde" and "Honey Wheat" are awesome. Otherwise I like a Blue Moon with a slice of orange floating around. I love any good pale ale. Not much on the dark stuff, tastes too bitter. If I'm dieting (LOLOLOL!) and HAVE to have a cold beer after mowing the lawn then I'll have a Michelob Ultra. I usually just say screw the diet and have something buzz worthy, I'll diet another day.

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If I'm gonna knock back several, I go to Trader Joe's and get a few sixers of "Simpler Times PILSNER"


If I'm only gonna drink a few, its Schlafly Pale Ale.  A good local Brew.

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While any beer will do, if you want to compliment bbq, you need to do the right beer.


I like to pair my ribs and shoulder with a darker beer.  Either porter or stout.  Three I have found that are excellent paired with pork:


Breckenridge Vanilla Porter

Deschuttes Black Butte Porer

Left Hand Brewing Co. Milk Stout


For brisket I like Ambers and Bocks


Shiner Bock

Rogue Brewery Dead Guy Ale

Alaskan Amber


For chicken I like either a wheat or ale


Rock Slide Brewery Widowmaker Wheat (Can only be purchased at the brewery in Grand Junction, CO)

Crested Butte Paradise Crisp Golden Ale

O'Dells Brewery Easy Streat Wheat


Of course to pare the bbq with the right beer takes some planning, and usually I don't think far enough ahead to make sure i have the right beverage on hand.  Usually I make do with whatever beer I may be enjoying at that time. 

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I agree, blue moon with an orange wedge is a great choice for summer Q.

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If I cant get to Rock Bottom to get a growler of Heartland Red I would prefer either Killians Red or Blue Moon/Pale Moon.  However as long as it's cold and not the Nat light that I used to drink in college, I'm happy with just about anything especially if a neighbor happens to stop by with a few will I Q. 

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Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat is good. a friend works there and bring some down from KC every time. also like mich light a smooth taste beer.

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Boulevard is a good beer but I can never get it here in Az. Gotta go home to see my folks in KC to get that. Down here I like to drink Amber Bock or Negro Model if I'm drinking a darker beer. Normally I'll drink a Pabst Blue Ribbon, Blue Moon, or a Pyramid Wheat Beer...

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For the summertime I like a good IPA..Dogfish Head is a pretty darn good one. Winter time, a good Stout. However, I usually find myself drinking Miller Highlife of late because it is s a good beer and cheap.

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I'm surprised that with all the discussion about brisket and 23 pages in this particular discussion that no one has mentioned Lone Star.

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Picture 25 2010 06 635.jpg

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Abita purple haze or in the late spring abita strawberry beer.

 But the best overall beer for anytime is the one thats free and cold!

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I'm with Brianj517...Guiness is best or Becks Dark. If niether of those are around I like an ice cold Jack&Coke with my bar-b-Q!

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PBR!  Have not had it for several years but have been drinking it the last few weeks and man its good!

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oh, I did have a Stone smoker porter over the weekend and was probably one of the top 5 beers I've ever had, great stuff.

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Sam Adams Light or Boston Lager for all ocasions

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Widmer Bros Hefewizen  AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!!!!!!

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