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I'll drink just about anything (especialy if I'm not buying) But my daily brew is good ol' Milwaukee's Best. My beer of choice when eating though is 8 Ball Stout by Lost Coust Brewery. Very dark rich beer. Love it.
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Best Beer for BBQ

Sorry but I think we have some of the best beer for BBQ right here in Brooklyn, NY. You have Kelso Brewery; both IPA and Pilsner are great, then there's Six Point - OMG, if you haven't had a six point then go out now and get some.... and, I just found out yesterday, that we also invented Rheingold beer here in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They are all great with all types of BBQ...
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I like modelo especial but after a few I will drink anything thats cold, lol.
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Cold....Free....Drinkable works for me!! I like New Castle with BBQ.
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i like to start off with i simple ice tea as i get my smoke going, then later on ill switch it up to a wheaty beer, i like the sampler pack that come out, then even later ill switch to the trusty Jack Daniels and cola.mmmmm...
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I guess I'm the odd one, I don't mix alcohol and food ever, never could stand it... I stick to a nice tall cold glass of sweet iced tea... I'll drink the beer later.
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My favorite beer on BBQ is Heineken from Holland or polish Zywiec.
i can recommend for allicon_surprised.gif
best wishes
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i like to drink ipa's when bbeqing..like dogfish head....i like bud for recipe
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Best beer is my home brewed basement suds.
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Shock Top was beer of choice for the butt.
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Let me know when. I'm in too.

Here's my vote:

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"33" Beer-----Just kidding---That crap is lousy!PDT_Armataz_01_33.gif

I keep it simple----Miller High Life.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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This is easy the best beer is the beer you have in your cooler/fridge.
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LOL----Best answer yet!

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Being a Kansas City dude I prefer the home town brew; I like Boulevard Wheat or Pale Ale. Free State Brewery in Lawrence, KS is really good too if I can find the time to drive into Lawrence and pick up a couple of growlers.
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LOL!!! So true!!!!!!! by far the best one is the one in your hand! GOOD ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Oh and nice choice Hannibal!!!!! Love the Leinen's Sunset Wheat!
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I really like their creamy dark but generally live the high life to save cash hahahahaha
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Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA.. best beer made in America, hands down!!!  www.dogfish.com



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I've had 2 different brands of IPA and if I'm not mistaken both give me a good clue to what a goat tastes when it belches.


Boulevard Wheat!

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Whatever is cold in the fridge !

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