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That Three Floyds looks/sounds delicious. I'll have to try it out sometime.

I'm a big Pale Ale drinker (IPAs, IIPAs, APAs).

I am a huge fan of Yuengling, maybe for the fact that I can't get it here in WI. I take a trip down to TN/NC every year and I load up on some Yuengling to bring back. I actually marinated steak in some Yuengling Black and Tan then grilled it. Tasted so damn good.
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it is, their beers are some of my favorites.

im not sure how far out of the midwest they sell 3 Floyds. I see it in liquor stores and bars in Chicagoland.

I bought that jug o' beer at the brewery in Indiana.
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I'm planning a trip to hit up the brewery soon.

I can get 3 Floyds up here. In fact, Monday I bought a 6er of Alpha King and am currently enjoying it very very much.

I love tongue destroyers like Dogfish 90 or 120 min IPA or Moylans Triple IPA.
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Alpha King is really nice, I also like Gumball Head.

are you going to take the tour? or just hit the brewpub?
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I'd like to shoot for both..

I did Goose Islands tour and then ate at the "pub" (a little fancier than a pub). Really REALLY enjoyed that.
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you should enjoy it.

I did the Leinenkugels tour(really nice), and want to do the New Glarus(Wisconsin) tour next.
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I haven't done Leinenkugels cause its up north even though they have a brewery in Milwaukee. I want to do the New Glarus and the Tyrenena one yet. You should check out Lakefront. Its one of my favorites that I have been on. Great beer and you get quite a bit of beer (I believe 4 samples but they are large), a pint glass when you leave and a coupon for a free pint at a bar close by to try another Lakefront brew. All for $5.
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thanks for the tip Re: Lakefront PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Anything from Troeggs in PA. also Koing Weiss wheat beer
but Guiness and Rolling Rock is good also..
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Not a big fan of Guiness, or of stouts for that matter. I'm a huge hop-bomb kinda guy.

I liked Rolling Rock too. I haven't had it in a while, is the taste still the same now that Budweiser bought them and shut down the glass-lined tank brewery in Latrobe?
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Bells Hopslam... Dogfish Head 90 Min IPA... Three Floyds gumball head.. some of my favs...
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I'm gonna get some Hopslam this weekend and I need to search out this Gumball Head. This is like the 20th time I've heard about it this week so its gotta be good.
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This year's Hopslam is much better than last. It's got a much brighter hop flavor and nose. It's nice to be done with the hop shortage!
Try to find some Southern Tier Unearthly or Oaked Unearthly. Good stuff.

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I've seen that in the local stores, I'll have to give it a try! Thanks for the recommendation!
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Spoken like a true Texan !
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I've named several of my favorites in this post but now I have to add home brew to the list!
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Busch Lite
Jack Pepsi
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I will drink just about any beer while im q'in... it all depends on the weather & what im in the mood for... I love beer, i love different brew types... recntly i have been going to a local resturant/brewery "Iron Hill" and pick up a few jugs (each holds close to a 6'er)... but from the store i will drink what i know i like and usually try the grab a 6 of something new to try out... the stronger the better!
Also like mix drinks, but like i said... whatever im in the mood for... I LOVE BEER!!!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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newcastle!! and bulleit kentucy whiskey!!
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Coors light

I drink Coors Light for beer, and 7 and 7's
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