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typically Miller High Life.

scored some New Glarus Spotted Cow for Sunday's smoke when I was up in Wisconsin yesterday. PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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The good old Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.
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Soon, hopefully, my own. PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif

My brother used to brew his own, and it was great. Meanwhile my wife keeps asking me what I want for Xmas, and I can't think of any stuff I need or want. So I told her "Beer and wine". She thought about it for awhile and came to me and said "How'd you like a brewing kit?"

I think I can fit that into the house PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif
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I was in Michigan a couple summers ago and made a quick road trip to Three Floyds Brew Pub in Munster. I was in heaven!

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Three Floyds is awesome, love their Gumballhead, and Pride and Joy. I am lucky to have them so close.
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I cant wait to try this one.
Two great tastes that taste great together.

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I got a sixer of Leinenkugal Fireside Nut Brown and it was VERY good. Also had some Stoudts double IPA, I'm not a huge fan of IPA's but this one is pretty good. Its a one at a time beer for me though, 10% alcohol!!
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Busch Light, Coors light, Keystone Light, Michgolden light just about anything other than Millerlight that stuff tasts like pee.
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Not a big beer drinker (i prefer Bulliet Frontier Bourbon), but when I do drink beer my preferences are Yengling, Moose Drool, and Landshark lager
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typically a Miller guy, some PBR tallboys really went well with the tequila and bbq last weekend.
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I really like Yuengling, but unless you live on the east coast you can't get it. Just started selling here in WV and it's made in Penn., a neighboring state. Yuengling is the oldest beer in America. If you like a stouter beer, as many of you do, they also make a black and tan that is also very tasty.
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Wow this thread started in 2007!

My personal fave on the East Coast is Yuengling as well. These days my "go-to" beer for anything is Fat Tire.
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I had heard lots of good stuff about Yuengling but they dont sell it in Ohio. While on vacation last summer in NC I finally got to try some and didnt really care for it. I did go back to the store and get the black and tan and it was very good.
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I'm a Yuengling fan also. However, I have really come to like Dogfish Head. For 'light' drinking, Indian Brown Ale. Otherwise, 90 minute IPA. It's very hoppy so you have to like hoppy bear. And with 9% abv, a four pack is just about perfect.

Not so much a fan to traditional American Lagers.

Drink of choice would be Gosling's or Captain Morgan and coke.
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Picked up some Dundee Honey Brown Lager and its not all that good. Hardly any flavor except a nice sweet honey after taste, but very little beer taste. Dont get me wrong, I'll drink the other 11 biggrin.gif just not sure if I'll pick it up again.
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A cold one. ;)

But usually for me it's the good ol' American standard.... Miller Lite or Miller Genuine Draft. I don't have time for all those fancy beers with the funny names.
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Criminy what a long post-I like imported beer if someone else provides it otherwise Busch lite. I probably like it a little better. With some sour mash alongside. icon_mrgreen.gif
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Leinenkugals- Berry weiss! It's not your typical beer, but Damn it's good!
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I'm choosy.

Only one beer will do -- cold.
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A Growler of 3 Floyds "Pride and Joy", and a small bottle of Jim Beam. All for me.

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