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Ohh got a new one guys!

Dundee's Honey Brown! Absolutely awesome.
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My staples for all day are Schlitz or Bud Dry right now. Grainbelt has fallen off because it is hard for me to find since I moved from Minnesota. Other faves include Sam Adams Cream Stout, Boulevard Wheat, and Point White Ale.
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Spotted Cow is always good, but I usually just drink it at the local taverns. $2 for a pint can not go wrong. I like Honeyweiss as well. Do you like the summer shandy?
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I like Sam Adams light or Boston Lager for domestic, Wiesen beer for German beer (they have different brands in the PX). Keystone light for when the wallet wont get the good stuff for me.
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the best beer... a FREE beer....

but if im cooking, Shiner Bock or Ziegen Bock
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call me cheap but it is hard to beat a high life light or a busch light with todays economy. I prefer them both in bottles
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Depends on the meat, and the weather. Dark beers, especially ales, complement beef and pork, brown and amber complement chicken and pork, and the pale beers work with chicken and fish. Cloudy wheat beers give a nice contrast to anything.

Other than that, what ever I can shotgun without barfing.
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Cold and free!biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif
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I just drink straight from the same spray bottle that I use for my ribs / butts. One spray for the ribs, one for me!

Its usually a 50/50 mix of unfiltered apple juice and spiced rum. When I'm done smoking I just empty the bottle in a cup with ice.
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cooking beer

if you can get your hands on it ,Ya gotta try some Abita strawberry ale for cooking. Great stuff.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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So I was driving from beer store to beer store looking for Ace Pear Cider for my wife...she loves the stuff.
I ran into a great beer I think you all would be interested in.

Shiner Smoke House. It's classified a summer beer (one of those seasonal brews). They state it's great for grilling. They were right. Light enough for hot summer sipping, and bold enough to let you know your drinking beer
It's smoked malt using mesquite then brewed normally as a Helles lager.

I thought it was a great drinking beer. Started with a light pilsner taste..actually a bit like Coors Light. But mid flavor is a bit sweeter and the finish has a distinct smokey flavor.

If you can find it, give it a try.
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Beer thread! Myself, I usually keep a case of Molson Ice in my fridge but when it comes to beer and food, I'm a barleywine or IPA fan myself. Bell's Two Hearted Ale or Hopslam, and Brooklyn Monster Ale are some of my favorites. We have a local beer club that meet's once a month up here, we bring various beers and sample and rate them. Usually the host provides food, I always grill stuff myself when I host. Attached a few pics from when I host, yes, that is my living room. icon_cool.gif
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Blue Point Summer Ale or Toasted Lager.

A local beer brewed on Long Island, NY.
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I used to drink Altenmunster Premium Pilsner but have not been able to find in for ages,late 1980s.

I am not even sure it is still available in the USA.

Lately I have gotten used to Becks Dark, Samuel Adams Bosten Ale, Boston Lager, and several Boulevard Styles (Brewed here in KC).
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Me and a good IPA... don't get me started!!! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Sitting here after a long hard week, still 1 week to go until I go down to my cottage and I get my new smoker.

All is not lost, I was down at the Big S last night and found a stout that I hadn’t tried. Had 1 last night and have been back for a weekends supply.

This is a 4.5% Stout from the Titanic Brewery in Stoke on Trent. For the Guinness drinkers among us it is a rare treat

I do like Stout or a Porter with my grub.

Sorry lads I don’t thing you can get it your side of the pond.

I have pasted its pedigree and a link to the site for the real ale fans


The Guardian Bottled Beer of Britain

CAMRA Northern Ireland Branch 1995 Stout of the Festival Bronze
CAMRA Champion Beer of the West Midlands 2003 Bottles Gold Crown
CAMRA Champion Bottled Beer of Britain 2004 Gold
CAMRA Champion Beer of the West Midlands 2004 Porter/Stout Silver
CAMRA Champion Bottled Beer of Britain 2005 Bronze
CAMRA Champion Bottled Beer of Britain 2006 Bronze
CAMRA West Midlands Beer of the Year 2006 Stout Gold
CAMRA Champion Bottled Beer of Britain 2007 Silver
CAMRA West Midlands Stout of the Year 2007 2nd Place
CAMRA West Midlands Beer of the Year 2008 Real Ale in a Bottle 1st Place
CAMRA West Midlands Beer of the Year 2008 Stout Category 2nd Place
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I tried a bottle of Guinness Extra Stout the other day. I must say, I will stick to German and American Beer. I don't know what it was about it that turned me off, it just seemed so bitter.
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I vote:

Paulaner Oktoberfest
Fat Tire
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MGD and Red Stripe are my two Favs

MMM... I love MGD, I guess i'll head by the store on the way home...
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Don't care about the beer as long as it's cold. Good tequila is what i like.
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