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Magic Hat #9
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Mich golden draft light
or any linekugles beer
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Simple tastes here. Just bought some Busch for Friday nights' ABT smoke. I tend to like Annheiser-Busch beers. Yeah, I know. Everyone shoots down "Bud" but dang, they sure sell enough of it. I prefer Rolling Rock, but after a few, it upsets my stomach. If I'm feeling hoity-toity, I'll get some Becks or Corona.
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LOL every beer on that list also happens to be very popular.

I used to play guitar. I knew a lot of classical players who scoffed at electric guitars. But every single one of them had a Fender Strat hidden in their house. I'll bet a lot of them voted in that beer poll. wink.gif
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Im sure this may have been covered but anything from Fort Collins, CO is pretty much good. Anything from O'Dells, New Belgium. I haven't found a bad Heffenwisen or Dunkel Weiss.

And during summer months anything wheat hands down. My favorite all time wheat beer is O'fallon wheach from O'fallon, MO, it is a peach and wheat. Absolutely amazing. Just my .02
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i'm not going to go through 35 pages to see if this point has yet been made; but if you ask me, the best beer is the one you're holding in your hand at the time.
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I wouldn't be much of a Texan if I didn't root for Shiner Bock. honestly though, I have a tendency to drink crown while I'm cooking, so by the time it's done, I can't tell much difference anyway
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Im just a good ol' boy, and enjoy Miller High Life Light(gotta cut thosse calories somewhere), however I do have expensive tastes when it comes to tequila I like to sip some top shelf 100% agave tequila when I smoke. Typically Herradura, Don Julio, etc.
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Homebrew for me
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Here's a couple,
Lienenkugels honeyweiss with a wedge of lemon
Modelo Especial w/ lime wedge
Spotted Cow
Nordic Wolf Light- haven't seen it much lately.
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Kokanee beer with Mott's clamato 'the works'... My favorite smoking beverage!
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Always bud light. But a good "fancy" beer (keep in mind I'm still in college) is Sam Adams Scotish Ale. It's made with a smoked malt for whiskey and tastes great with 'q
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Not too many beers I wont drink. But I also really enjoy the micro-brews these days. In the summer I like a crisp pale ale, and we have a couple of local brewers around here (Davidson Brothers - Glens Falls NY), and Mendocino Brewing Company (brewed at the Saratoga NY site Olde Saratoga Brewing Company).

Nothing like having a few fresh growlers full of pale ale in the summertime. It might be a little expensive compared to a cooler of Coors or Miller Lite (which I will also keep on hand), but great brews and supporting the local economy.
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I was just working out east in Connecticut and found a great beer there Ten Penny - can't find it here in Colorado though.
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bud light during the week but semi frozen yuengling green back on the weekends. oh man,... nuthin like it!!!!!
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no, holding a empty one on your way to the fridge for ANOTHER full one!icon_lol.gif
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To Many Choices... Head Is Going To Explode!!

Well being from the Pacific Northwest, where brew pubs rival Starbucks in quantity icon_mrgreen.gif.... there are a ton of bears I like to drink. For a dark beer I have to go with Deschutes brewing Obsidian Stout or Black Butte Porter, both excellent! But if I want something clean and crisp I cross the ocean and do an ice cold Grolsh or Mirror Pond Pale Ale (also by Deschutes).

Course nothing beats a PITCHER (or two) of margaritas on a really hot day PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif.
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probably the best beer is the free stuff. hopefully ice cold
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