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My favorite beer of all times has to be Sam Smith Oatmeal Stout. A meal in a bottle. Trappist Dubbel is a strong 2nd. If you're looking for reasonably priced good beer, give about anything by Great Lakes Brewery a shot. Dortmunder Gold, Commodore Perry, Burning River, all very good. Spirits, my current favorite is Laphroig 10 yr (Islay Single Malt) will warm your belly, curl your toes, put hair on your chest, and make ya feel like your sitting next to a big bonfire by the sea.
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Leinenkugel's Berry Weiss goes great with pork.

here's a link, all there beer is great tasting.

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Brooklyn Brown Ale, I dont know if anyone posted that yet, but it is definitely the winner, hands down.
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Here here! No really I mean here here pass me a beer.
Negra Modella. Pyramid Apricot Ale. Dos Equis

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Shiner Bach for me.
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A lot of good beers mentioned so far...

I'm drinking this Abita Pecan Harvest Ale right now. Unlike most nut beers, it's actually made with nuts and is very good.

Plus I got a whole case for free with a measly $5 donation to the City of Hope PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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favorite bbq beer
EKU 24... best warm
rouge... any flavor
cave creek pepper beer... a great cooking beer with jalapeno peppers in the beer and nice and spicy great to marinate chicken
hamms golden... cheap full flavor when i buy this is it
sammy adams... yumm
light beer... go to the next bbq down the road
BBQ drink... hand me a boiler maker!
fosters bitter... beer can turkey

Yup you saw it right warm ales and darks for me! the flavors come out and no one else will even think of touching my sodie pop!
dont even offer me a miller bud or coors those light colored beers do nothing for me.
the darker the better in my book!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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^Cave Creek Chile Beer! Man I have not seen that in years. Didn't know if it was still made. Fantastic stuff. A Serrano pepper in every bottle.

Other notable beers:

Orval - The best Belgium Trappist beer.
OB Larger - An awesome Koren larger.
Budwiser - The King of Beers (my daily go to beer).
Pacifico - No lime needed.
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Cave Creek

Isn't that at the Satisfied Frog Cave Creek or CareFree AZ?
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i get cave creek whenever i want here in Ca at Bev Mo
it is in fact made where you note at cave creek Az.

fantastic stuff!
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^ Going to see if my local can order some in. Maybe plan a a chile theme dinner party when the weather breaks here in a month or so.

Cave Creek Chilie beer
Chorizo stuffed ABT's
Pablano corn bread
Jerk Chicken
Mango Habenero Salsa
Habenero Key Lime Pie

What the heck, maybe do that next week!
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Lookey what I just picked up. It's a good IPA but the name alone just screams "Serve me with BBQ".

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that screams hog hunting too! im headed out in the california rain for 3 days next week for a pig hunt cant wait to bring home a biggin or 2
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^ I would love to bowhunt hogs. Don't have them in Jersey. I heard a great comment about wild hogs,

"There are two kinds of states when it comes to wild hogs, those that have them and those that will."

Good luck on you hunt.
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if its a long term smoke, I'm drinking busch lite cuz it tastes good and is cheap. if its a short smoke and/or eating, gotta love the Shiner Bock
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The best beer to go with BBQ is the beer that your buddies bring!!
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My first response to the question of the best beer for BBQ is...cold, or any.

I wanted to throw this one out there - Xingu (pronounced Zing-Goo). I found this at a Brazilian Churrascaria, you know, one of those Brazilian steak houses, where they march skewers of BBQ around and cut off portions right on your plate (they are awesome, but typically pretty pricey.) I tried this beer, and it is a Brazilian dark beer, about the color of Guiness. It is way different than guiness, in that it has a slight residual malty sweetness (not syrupy, but just a hint in the back of your throat), but the same smoothness as Guiness that is fantastic. I looked this up at a local liquor store, and it was about $10.00 for a six pack, but if you like dark beers, this one is a good one to try at least once. I highly recommend it!

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spotted cow, moosehead, mgd light PDT_Armataz_01_25.gif
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