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Anyone want to make the list?

Anyone want to make the list?
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Iron City or Yuengling
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For cooking,... nothing works with the fire like strohs. Adds perfect flavor to grilled meat. Prolly cause its fire brewed.

For the cook, on a budget, ICEHOUSE!!! That stuff is cheap and good.

For the beer yuppie, Three Floyds Robert the Bruce or Upland Bad Elmer's Porter.
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Heh, before the poll goes up and just in case nobody has said it, long hammer IPA or dogfishhead IPA.

MMMMMMM, IPA. Unless I have the laphroaig out.
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you must be from the burghPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

i vote for high life or yuengling
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I was going to bash the lite beer guys till I saw Kiltlifter. Decided to focus on the positive. Used to live in Washington and Alaska where Kiltlifter was like a brother to me. Now here in NY I'm stuck with east coast selection which is about the same as our BBQ selection up north. Anyway guys lite beer is for high school girls, you should know that. Oh wait I was going to focus on the positive.
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Shiner Bock from Shiner, Texas!

(Click on the Cap)
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I see we still have not come up with one yet..lets keep trying...
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An open one biggrin.gif
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Guinness when smoking,Guinness when not smoking,dream of Guinness when asleep,just GUINNESSicon_smile.gif
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I am gonna go with Warsteiner Dunkel. Also like Leinenkugel Honeyweiss
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Bigfoot...sweet, hoppy, pwerful Bigfoot!


15.5 gallons of it should last a smoke session or two!!
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The best beef for BBQ is COLD beer. biggrin.gif
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I would have to say Spotted Cow. But it is only available in Wisconsin.
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Guinness, Old Dominion makes a great oak barrel stout and Saranac Caramel Porter are probably my top 3 favorite beers to compliment smoked goodies. (Arrogant Bastard or Arrogant Bastard Oaked are also good) In the summer though, I keep it light with an IPA or even Bud Light Lime. Oh yeah, Troegs makes a brew called Dead reckoning that also goes well with smoked goodies. (basically stouts and bocks are best to me...)

Oh yeah, I do also like spotted cow, but not necessarily as a smoker compliment.

BTW, I tried railbender and hated it. Too much like a barleywine to me...
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Negro modelo, Shiner black, or Newcastle. Picks from a beerguy.
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The best beer for a bbq is the beer I brewbiggrin.gif All Grain homebrewed Ice Cold lager or my speciality. Oatmeat Stout.
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smoked beer

When I was in Germany (back in the day) in the Army, I had my first smoked beer (Rauchsbier) and it was fabulous! I only had the pleasure of enjoying it once since back in the states and it was from a little place we ate at in Bucyrus, OH called Mugsie's and they had all these different beers on display. I asked, "Do you have any smoked/Rauchesbier?" And, lo and behold they did. I bought two bottles (wish I could afford more) and it was just like I remembered! Except, it was not the same alcohol content, but what the heck - it was good. Now, who has a recipe? These days, smoked beer is any I have while smoking some kinda meat.PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif After that, I'm the one that's smoked.
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An opened one.
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