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If you can find it, I highly recommend Young's Double chocolate stout. It make a really great "desert" beer and is also great in various mop sauce and glaze recipes.

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I'll second that one, another one of my favorites!
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Two kinds of beer that I really like are cold beer and free beer.
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i'll drink to that.

killian's red
arrogant ba*tard ale
honey brown
pete's wicked ale
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if you like those beers, go to your local Meijer's and check out the Sleemans line. there is a Cream Ale, HoneyBrown and another one.. i prefer the Honeybrown
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ahhh Brain......yeah cabo wabo.......do you know who owns that distillery?
Sammy Hagar........hehehe......YEP........

PLUS.........guiness in ireland, is also brewing the KING OF BEERS



don't need no stinking lite beers.........BOOOOOOOOOO

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I never complain about a free beer. If I am paying I will get Guiness, any Sam adams, Maudite, La fin du monde, bellhaven, the list goes on... I love beer.
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like tom t. hall's song goes......you got it vlap

i like beer
it makes me a jolly good fellow

whiskey's too much
champange COSTS to much
and vodka puts my mouth in gear

this little refrain

will help me explain......as a matter of fact i like BEER

and in the famous werds of the OTHER king

thank you
thank you very much


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Ahhh!...Beer...Sweet nectar of the Gods!!

Y'all know what Ben Franklin said;

"Beer is proof that God loves us, and wants us to be happy"

Now, if its good enough for one of our founding fathers, it's certainly good enough for me!icon_mrgreen.gif

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Cold - yup gotta be cold
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like DeeJayDebi sig. sez

Beer, if drank with moderation, softens the temper, cheers the spirit and promotes health.â€
Thomas Jefferson

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We usually have a keg of homebrewed nut brown or porter on hand for gatherings... we also like a good Scottish 80/- beer too.

If I'm buying beer - it's usually a local brewed beverage - Atlanta Brewing and Sweetwater Brewing have some nice offerings. I do look forward to this time of the year when Sam Adams brings out Oktoberfest for a while - it's a nice marzen.

I'll third, fourth or whatever on Young's DCS - it's best on tap.

I used to be a big Guinness fan, but since making my own stout for years, Guinness seems to not have as much body.

The mega beers and lite beers are training wheels... if I can't have real beer, I'll take water.
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sorry bubba......but nope...........

just call me trubo poster iffin nothing else

with only one leg........hard to do anything else

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For beer, Rochefort 10, Chimay (blue), and when my wallets empty, Sam Adams Cream Stout. Most days, I'd go for a bourbon with Q though. Russell's Reserve, Knob Creek, or Bookers.
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England has some great beers. Was in Manchester in the spring for a football game(soccer) and drank nothing but local brews, some great stuff. Joseph Holt was the best, also Unicorn and Bear *** were some great ones. Also Boddingtons tasted much better on draught over there. Also the hard ciders were good and very hard, some were 8% Strongbow is what is was and you can get it here in the states but its not as strong but is very good if you like hard cider.
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I'm going to have to try the Sam Adams Cream Stout, have had several others but not that one yet. Sounds good.
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Have always said my favorite beer is free, and I prefer cold.
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I found one that I was impressed with it called Blue Moon. I found it to be a nice wheat beer.
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