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Monty -

You are fortunate be close to both Trout River and Long Trail Breweries. I have to agree that Trout River's Red Ale is quite pleasing to the palate. A wonderful brew! I like Reds and Browns so I always try the local offerings.

As for Long Trail I've been attempting to clone their Double Bag and their Ale. I've noticed a bit of a change to their brews now that they are available everywhere. Not entirely sure what it is but it's different. Not as malty maybe but it has changed - still a good beer but not AS good as it was. I guess that happens when you go long distance.

I'm not a big fan of the Sam Adams group but they did send me free beer glass a few months back - not sure why. I think it may have been my subscription to All Abut Beer magazine. I do like the Cranberry Lambic for a relaxing brew by the fires.

One of my Local Favorites is Ten Penny Ale. A mice malty copper colored scottish ale that's brew here in East Hartford.

Another local favorite housed in an old post office out in the middle of nowhere with long series of long dark winding roads - The Willimantic Brewery. Their IPA is very tasty and with a whopping 8.4 ABV it's a good thing this place is also a resteraunt! It's also right next door to ECSU and just a few miles down the road from UConn so this place is hoppin at night! So if you want to enjoy a fine beer and a decent meal you better arrive earily!
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Yuengling has been my favorite for about 3 years now. Drinking Yuengling and eating raw oysters (with saltines and Crystal hot sauce of course) around a campfire is one of the best meals for me outside of pulled pork.

Oh, and a little Ezra Brooks 90 proof bourbon to go down with it. Nothing too expensive or fancy for me PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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Being a beer man I have tried as many as is possible. I will go with my top three. Negro modelo, Killians Irish red, Boulevard wheat. Guiness is good in place of coffee in the a.m. Heck its good all the time.
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Beer for breakfast!!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gifPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif I tried to explain to my wife once that since beer is made from grains that drinking a beer first thing in the morning is really just like eating a bowl of cereal. For some reason she still didnt think it was a good idea.confused.gif
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Two of your three are favorites of mine also ... have not seen Boulevard Wheat.

My family refers to beer in the a.m. as a 'barley sandwich'!
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I love most beers but gotta have busch light when I am smoking!
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Barley sandwich, I like that one. wink.gif
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I also like "barley soup"... heard that years ago while on a fishing trip up in Canada.
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Lets see, barley soup for appetizer, barley sandwich for the main course and for desert a nice cold Red Stripe would be good. Sounds like we could make a whole meal from BEER!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I am a fan of many beers and a bit of a beer snob I have to admit. My general favorites do tend to be IPA, and there are four IPA's that I have been drinking while smoking lately that I would highly recommend. My general beer that I always have at the house is Harpoon IPA, tasty and light. I noticed someone mentioned Long Trail earlier in the thread, and have to say that their Unfiltered IPA is very nice. Smuttynose IPA is a little more harsh on the tongue, but still one of my favorites. Flying Dog IPA is also quite good, although difficult to find around here.

I miss my days in Eastern Europe. The beer there was the best I have ever had, and I wish I could get some of them here.
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Where to begin... I like more porters and dark beers with my smoked foods. The Sam Adams Honey Porter is pretty good. I second the Young's Double Choc Stout as well. Saranac makes a fantastic caramel porter as part of their 12 beers of Christmas. I buy the 12 pack just for that beer. They also make a chocolate stout that's good. Troegs bockenator is a nice beer to go with smokier foods.

I'll drink a nice hoppy beer with some fish or maybe even chicken. We have a local brewery (DuClaw) that makes a beer called Venom that's good stuff. There's another IPA that I love, but can't remember the name of it. It's stormy seas or something like that.

I don't like the wheat beers (except for blue moon) and am not much for the raspberry beers and lambic styles.

I'm going to our local specialty beer shop tomorrow as they have plenty of new and unusual stouts in stock.
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I am watching the food channel a show called Diners there is a place in Venice Cal. called Baby Blues they were doing a pulled pork and their Secret was Guiness Beer they poured two cans of the draught in their pan when cooking their Pork
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Gotta put my 2cents worth in. Miller lite, Coors lite, or Korbel & coke. IMHOicon_biggrin.gif
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Fat Tire, for that matter any beer from New Belguim brewery" To bad they don't sell it in my area. Coors light, Rolling Rock, Bud. But then again any beer that is cold and wet is almost always good.

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That just has to be good! .... I love Guiness PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I like that kind that comes in a bottle...no wait, I think it was in a can... I can't remember.
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Best beer for BBQ? Your neighbors of course.icon_twisted.gif
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the best beer i like is a open beer.
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Had some Murphys Red over the weekend that was really good. I have had Murphys before but had never seen the Red.
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That's funny right thar!! I don't care who you are!! That is funny!
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