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[quote=BigArm's smokin;112454]It might scorch my eyeballs!PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif
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A nice, cold Pyramid Hefeweizen quenches my thirst when I'm enjoying my BBQ.
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I have not tried Pyramid yet but really like Hefeweizens. I almost got som Pyramid the other day but the place I was at had Buds for a buck, hard to pass that up.
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twister, you won't be disappointed. I've tried a lot of different hefeweizen/wheat beers and Pyramid is one of my top choices. I also enjoy Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat. It's brewed locally here in Kansas City, but is sold throughout the country.
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Any that is given and isicon_razz.gif COLD
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As an official UNOB delgate (United Nations of Beer) maybe I can help with food pairings. It can be a lot like trying to pair the perfect wine with your meal; lighter beers go great with poultry and lightly smoked pork, darker beers for heavily smoked pork and most beef. The trickiest part comes with seafood, but ultimately it's always to the palate of the taster. Here are some of my personal suggestions:

Pork - Tucher dunkelweissen, Sam Adams Octoberfest, pale ales (for heavily seasoned cuts) most British style ales, Shiner Bock - most of these will leave a bit of a "bite" on the tip of your tongue which will heighten the taste of the meat.
Chicken/poultry - Any heffeweissen, light lagers, British bitters and pilsners - stay away from the darker beers as they will overpower the taste of the meat
Beef - Stouts, pale ales (the hops really compliment the complexities of beef), porters and dark ales - while not necessarily thirst quenching, these beers tend to bring out more of the flavors of the beef no matter how they are prepared.
Seafood - As I said earlier, seafood is a tricky pairing. Consider the cut and heaviness of the critters. A tuna steak would pair fantastically with a bock or dark ale, but it would leave a bitter filmy taste if you had a heffeweisen with it. I find shrimp and Corona (which I don't normally care for) to be a match made in heaven. And crawfish with a Bud is almost as good. But a smoked salmon filet with a Belgian tripple is devine.

Hope this helps.

Personally, I stay away from the american style lagers as they don't bring much to the table in the way of additional or heightening of taste. Don't get me wrong, I love an ice cold Coors on a hot day, but they have not proven themselves as complimentary to any meat with exception to certain seafoods (at least to me).
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Great input, Doozer!

What are your thoughts on pairing Q with Belgian ales?
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Belgian and Q

Depends on the kind of Q. If you're doing a dryrub I would go with a trappist style. If you're going heavy on the sauce then I would suggest an abby style. Chicken and pork would definitely be best with a wheat,wit, or trappist. I would say that if you do go with the trappist keep it to a double. A triple would probably overpower any Q taste you were going for, not to mention it might knock you on your keister before you could eat (depending on how many you drain before while cooking).
You can never EVER go wrong with Chimay.
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Belgian Ales & Q

I think the complexity that comes fom a lot of the Belgians goes well with any properly-smoked meats. There's a Trappist Quadrupel (sp?) I've had that would be excellent with ANY smoked meat. I see its complexity bringing out the nuttiness and sweetness of the smoke. I've tasted all sorts of flavors in those Belgian Ales and so, if you know your stuff (which I don't, yet), or just taste-test, you can really improve a meal with one of them.
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Stella and a sipping glass of homemade Missouri Apple Jack!!!!

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I could make a case for LaTrappe's offerings of a single thru a quad...for any food yet been invented.

On edit: It's from Holland, but is still a Trappist.
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Almost anything

I'll drink just about anything available. But I do prefer the darker beers. Stouts, Ambers, Hefes, I usualy only drink Guiness on St patty's day or if I'm eating a hot pastrami on Rye. As long as it doesn't say Bud on ot I'll drink it.

And Heck ya with the Jim.
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Best Beer

The BEST beer with BBQ is the COLD ONE I'm DRINKIN!! The 2nd best beer with Q' is the one in the cooler WAITIN' on it's DEATH SENTENCE!!!
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Plain ole' COLD Coors Light..... you can drink it all day ... still feel good the next....
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The best beer at my bbq's is my NEIGHBORS!!! PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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Newcastle brown ale(England), Smithwicks(Ireland), Fat Tire and 1554(new belgum brewery, Colorado)
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Point Bock if I can get it
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Good beer with barbeque is Sam Adams Summer Ale. Good beer not with q is sitting in a trashcan full of ice with a pump on top. Natty lite..college water
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I can't even drink that stuff! It gives me an instant headache after just a few swallows and a guaronteed hangover! Woo!

I think you have to be BORN in Wisconsin and then maybe, just maybe you can drink that stuff! Although I know alot of Wisconsin folks that have the same problems with Point beers!
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Beer is one of my favorite subjects.

For just hanging around and pounding them down the "King of Beers" in the good ole Red, White and Blue can.

I am fortunate to have a brewery right in my backyard, almost. Trout River Brewery in Lyndonville, VT has some great offerings from Hopping Mad Trout to a Red Ale and more. On Wednesdays you can pull up to a service window and get your "growler" refilled with your favorite brew. Neat setup!

Then there is the Long Trail Brewery on the other side of Vermont. I highly recommend their "Double Bagger"!

I enjoy Samuel Adams' specialty brews like the Oktoberfest, their Winterlager and especially their Cranberry Lambic.

Of course , there is always a fine single malt scotch whiskey available for taking off the chill.

Seeing how wide the appeal of this thread is and considering it has survived for a couple of months I am going to sticky it for a while!

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