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Bitburger Pils! hands down my fav, not that imported stuff here in the states...I just got a rack from germany, oh how good it was!
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Had some last weekend while in Detroit on draft ... I agree, it is very good! Reminds me of our Molson's Rickard's Red.
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S'not a bad offering from Sam. I tend not to care for alot of their beers as they hop the 'ell outta out of 'em. Even the O-Fest is too hoppy for it's purported sytle, but I do like it.

Get to The D often? Ever up closer to Pontiac, drop me a line and we'll have a brew or sumtin' :{)
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Bitburger on draft in germany... I miss thatPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Have to agree with you there ... had my first one at the "Cheers" bar in Boston many moons ago.
Don't go down often ... but you never know ... goin' to Oshkosh at Xmas, perhaps we can swing by then ... you're not far from Bubba.
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Mmmmmm, beeeeeeer. [You have to imagine Homer Simpson's voice when reading that.]

Anyway, my favorite beers when smoking are season-specific:
- Goose Island Honkers Ale in Spring or Fall. Also, Bell's Amber Ale.
- Goose Island Christmas Ale in Winter.
- Goose Island 312 Wheat in Summer.

BTW...my all-time favorite summer beer used to be Celis White. It was brewed in Austin, Texas and was outta-this-world. But I haven't seen it in years.

If there are any Texans reading this, does the Celis brewery still exist? All of its beers were incredible.
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I've had the Honkers Ale but thats the only one I've ever seen. Would like to try the Summer Wheat! It brewed in Chicago right?
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Hi, Twistertail:

Far as I know, all of the Goose Islands are brewed in Chicago. I'm not sure how far their distribution reaches. 312 Wheat is, I think, relatively new. The first time I saw it was two years ago. I like it better than Blue Moon. But perhaps I'm a bit biased.

For a bit more info, check out http://beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/1146/17141/

Take care,
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Will have to look for that. There are a few places in Columbus that have Goose Island, have neve looked for anything other than the Honkers so I'll have to check. Blue Moon is pretty good, except for their Pumpkin Spice ale!PDT_Armataz_01_33.gif
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Regular drinking beer for me is Bud Light. I do like Guiness alot and some of the Sam Adams products oh and Murphy's Irish Stout. If I have a few extra bucks in the pocket then I'll treat myself to Red Stripe....but at almost $9.00 a six pack that doesn't happen often.
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I also like Ultra.
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Hey Debi ..I found some yuengling B&T whilst I was near Knoxville last month. That and the lager was availalble there and they are mighty fine beers. I brought some back with me hell I brought lots back here with me and .....man I'm gettin thirsty just talking about em, I better go wet my whistle before we continue this.
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Hello Jocosa! Now that's a man that knows his beer!

Have you tried Jamils 60 & 80/- Scottish ale recipes? They're yummy! I'm not a big Sam Adams fan though.
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The best beer for a bbq? The cold one currently in hand!
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Yuengling is definitely my beer of choice, and has been since I was a kid!!! It's made in PA, but is making its way around the country. I was in Jacksonville a few years ago, and they had it on tap at a few of the bars we went to.
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At the risk of being ostracized.......I drink Coors.
I know, I know....I'm a light weight.redface.gif

Also, at times, I like a Mickey's wide mouth or a Shiner Bock.
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[quote=cowgirl;112440]At the risk of being ostracized.......I drink Coors.
I know, I know....I'm a light weight.redface.gif

Ohhh...... Patty... I used to think about you and say, well..., but then again, I just don't know? icon_smile.gificon_razz.giftongue.gif
If you want a joke about coors beer, let me know, it does have one naughty word in it. icon_eek.gif It has to be a PM or email.
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Is there a bad beer for bbq??? Even skunky beer works for brinning shrimp... I actually prefer it...
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mdgl or any miller product
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Never heard of MDGL??? Is that sum kinda fancy table wine or sumpthin????biggrin.gificon_lol.gifbiggrin.gif
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