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LOL Sorry, I just makes me chuckle everytime someone calls you that.
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Honestly I don't care - I just like to have fun with it.
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Pig, Joe & Vlap - you guys are right - I should give her a few burns with wood to see how she performs. True, true - not all smokers are the same and hopefully this one works better than the small offset (which I just gave to a friend - good riddance). If it doesn't work out, it's nothing to cut a couple holes and pop in a burner...icon_evil.gif

I've heard a charcoal basket improves the burn time; does anyone use one and have any good plans for a charcoal basket?

Also, does anyone use a "BBQ GURU" (power draft control); I've read where a guy was getting a 6 hr burn off of one basket using the Guru . . . . . and I also hear they are taking "gullible" out of the dictionary... icon_redface.gif

Thanks for keeping me straight and giving her a chance...
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I good sized chunk of expanded metal makes a good basket - raise it up off the floor a few inches so yo can give it a good kick and empty the ash out! icon_mrgreen.gif
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stevemck, know some guys who use a guru on a Stumps and on a smoky mountain. Works great!!
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A guru works great as long as you are airtight (or damn close to it). If you have a lot of air leaks, you will just end up disappointed. With the right smoker 6 hours is very reasonable. In my Stumps (yeah, they are special cases, I know) I can easily get 18 hours out of a load of charcoal at about 250 degrees and that is without a stoker or a guru.

I think a charcoal basket would be a good idea. I will send you a PM when I dig up some of the info I have on them..........I am sure a search on the SMF would probably turn up all the info you need and then some anyhow.
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