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heck I would give a $100 and not ask for change...
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Man I would've crapped my knickers for a deal like that! PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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I think I went to bed a few minutes before that was posted... CRAP!!!!! heheh congrats steve... PDT_Armataz_01_10.gif
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Well, I have the owner's address and phone number. So, guess I'll head out Sat morning to pick her up - - or maybe Friday evening and take the lady and spend the night half way (hee, hee).

Anyway, I hope she's in good shape and I do her justice (the smoker, that is...)

Vlap - give me your phone number just in case I break down and can't make it - you are a lot closer than I am coming from the pan-handle . . . lol!

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Swing through Topeka Kansas on your way back and we will test it out! I am not that far out of the way. Bout 20 hours or so!
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AJ - wow, that might be more than a 1 niter... I had a friend that was stationed in Kansas and they said they had some good Q. Not sure where, but I know they raved about it!!!

Hopefully I'll do the new lady right and she will pump out some good Q!!!
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There is plenty of it up here, that is for sure.

I drove to Sarasota back in the mid 90's and it took me two days to get down there. I wasn't driving through the night or anything though.
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You drove right by me then. You have seen my home although I am the next city north in bradenton.
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How long of a drive do you have roughly?
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How's that smoker stevemck??? I haven't seen anything about it yet and was just wondering. Keep us posted.
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Hey Steve did you get lost?
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Hey gypsy, maybe it was a crack house, and they also stole his truck to trade for a couple of rocks. I knew it was too good to be true. But that would mean the smoker is still there. Hey Hawg get ready I'll pick you up on the way down to get it. Just stand on the enterance ramp on 95 & wait for me. I'll be right there, "I promise" hehehehe
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Vlap, iIf I remember right, the training I went to was in Sarasota, but the actual work was in Bradenton. It was to learn a swimming pool coating technique.

It might have been the heat making me delusional, but I swear that a black panther ran across the road when we were driving back to the hotel one night. Big cat!

Steve! Speak to us!
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You wouldn't be the first person to spot one around here... were you out on 75?
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No it was a road that was on the outskirt of one of the towns, but had residential homes dotting the landscape. So not city, but not the country either.
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Sorry folks, was busy last week, but we (wife and I) went this weekend and picked her up. It was good to "get away for the weekend..." (whatever that means...)

She turned out to be a NB Bandera and not bad for $0.01, but she hasn't been used in a few years; quite a bit of rust on the front legs under the firebox. The firebox lid hinges were rusted and wouldn't open it all the way and the top hinge on the smoker door was frozen. But with a few hours with WD-40 and Liquid Wrench, I got them working. I spent all day today taking her apart, knocking the rust off, applying a rust inhibitor and getting ready to paint her up (outside only, of course) and re-seasoning. HOLY CRAP, this thing is heavy!!! I'm going to have to weld some angle iron on the lower legs under the firebox that has severe rusting for support - will try to load some pics - nothing spectacular about this though...

Been reading other sites on the Bandera and I'm thinking of adding a baffle between the firebox and smoke chamber to direct the heat to the center of the smoke box, under the water pan - any thoughts from other Bandera owners? Does it really help?

Now the big point of contention - I'm seriously thinking of converting her to gas (I know it's sacramental... start the throwing of sticks and stones...) But convince me otherwise...

With my offset, it has been a pain in the *** to keep the temp for a long burn. But today, using my GOSM, I smoked a Butt, Brisket, Sirloin Tip, Country Style Ribs, Meatloaf, a Fatty and ABTs (this weeks eats) with no problem keeping the temp constant - which allowed me to work on refinishing the other smoker, without having to worry about the temp. Sooooo, I'm leaning more towards the gas conversion for the "easy way out" for the Bandera which has A LOT more room than the small GOSM or offset I currently have.

So, all for the "stick burners" (no offense intended, seriously), convince me not to convert her to gas. Not that I'm opposed to charcoal/lump/chips. I guess I just need more experience to learn the art - and I'm willing to learn. However, the gas sure makes things easier... Decisions, decisions...

I want to say my "claim to fame" is that I only paid $0.01 for her, but with the hotel room, gas and all the stops for "shopping" along the way for the wife, I roughly figured she cost me about $500.

Boy, I sure hope she makes some good Q!!! smile.gif

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Okay, let's go now, before he converts it to gas! PDT_Armataz_01_23.gifbiggrin.gif
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Steve, before you go getting crazy with throwing in the gas mod, how about giving it 3 or 4 good smokes to see how it performs. Not all smokers are created equal. If it is a big pain in the butt after that - then go for the mod. That's my pennies worth.

Keep Smokin
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I'll second that. Any big rush on turning it to gas? At the end of the day, it is your choice, if you want to put the afterburner in it, then do it, but I got to go with PigCi(r)cles on this.........give a fair shot first.
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Pig©i®©le§ ô¿ô confused.gifconfused.gif
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