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gypsy's mexican omellette fatty

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ok here's the ingredients & the method-y'all know how to do a fatty here's my method.

take a spray oiled gallon ziploc bag & roll the fatty out(1lb will be too thin),
slit the bag & lay the slab on wax paper( now unless you have restaurant width wax paper you will have to ducttape 2 pieces together for the width-texas style cooking).
spread out smoked garlic paste, shredded cheddar,jal/jack cheese,mushrooms,jalepenos,rotels(or homemade salsa),and a 2 egg soft omellette split in 1/2.
flod or roll(folding works as it's usually too fat to roll)
seal the sides & ends
sprinkle w/ fajita spice or rub.
wrap w/ bacon(lay the bacon out & flip across the bacon around it)
fridege for an hour
HINT !!! unless it's really great wax paper you better have wide foil under this cause when you transfer it you will have ripped paper & fatty on the floor( learned the hard way).
unflip to the pit @ 200-225 for 4-5 hrs or 170f
HINT if yer doing 3-2-1 ribs... baste w/ the juices & spritz after unwrapping(especially w/ jeff's rub.
cool before slicing


2lb sausage
shredded cheddar cheese
jalepeno/jack cheese
8-12 slices jalepenos
garlic paste or fine minced smoked garlic
1 can mild rotels-drained or home salsa drained
1 4oz can sliced mushrooms
6-10 slices bacon
jeff's rub juices
equal parts evoo/apple/lemon/cran juice

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Your catering business should do quite well my friend!
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p.s. yes i'm from texas- i even cook w/ ducttape- the mother of invention isa neccessity.
post #4 of 13 and red/green would get along great.............lololo

but really.......quit doing stuff the common man can't dream of

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lmao.... if "common man" would quit coming up w/ great ideas, i could stop running w/ them so hard-it's tiring....

p.s. throw some brisket pintos across that & wrap it in a tortilla......

like i say..

"mother was the neccessity of invention"
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brisket pintos?

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here- just add cubed brisket or cube some seared brisket fat trimmins.
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i didn't mean to sound cocky- but people do things i haven't done & automatically i tend to improvise & add.....
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That looks mighty good Gypsy... you definitely have an over abundance of creative juices flowing! icon_mrgreen.gif
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That looks awesome,PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif I can't wait to tell my wife that it is not just me that thinks duct tape has a place in the kitchen........LOL
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Amen bro!

I didn't quite go to the extreme that Gypsy did, but when I did my fatty last weekend, I used it to tape the wax paper down to the countertop to keep it in place while rolling the fatty. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Awsome looking fatty Gypsy! Can'y wait to try it! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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