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Smoker accessory help needed

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I hope this in the correct area, if not I apologize

Does anyone know where to get a decent “Rib Rack” for my gosm?
  • Model No. 3405GW
  • 16"W x 14"D x 34"H

I was also looking to get this
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Lowe's or Home Depot should carry a rib rack, I've seen them in sizes that hold 4 - 6 racks at once.

The chili grill is a great thing. I have one although it isn't shaped like an armadillo :) Great for holding the peppers while you work and to keep the cheese inside when you are smoking them. Abts yummm.
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The chili grill looks nice for ABT's
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There are numerous places to get both, even ebay! I have both the chili grill and rib rack. My rib rack also turns upside down and you can use it for a roaster rack for like a turkey. Welcome aboard, I see you're from Philly.
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Lowe's has some, two to a pack, each holds three racks and has upright probes on each end to stick backed potatoes on, I like mine
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Thanks for everyones help, I do like that armadillo "Chile Grill"
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Weber makes a rib rack that holds 4 or 5 racks. It seems made for the GOSM as it fits perfectly on each grate, and hold them at just the right angle to use all the racks in the GOSM.
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Hey Sqwib The Home Depot on Frankford ave. has one that will hold three racks, (6 slots on it) I think it was only 10 bucks. As for the chilli racks they have them on e-bay a lot of times. Hey did you ever go to that meat store up on Street RD. & Mecanicsville (?) RD. I just went there the other day pretty cheap stuff.
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Bensalem Wholesale Meats?
Heard some not so nice reviews about them, mainly their shelf products being a year or so out of date.
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Yepper that the one. Are you talking about can goods? The meats were good, that's all I really was looking at.
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Yes their shelf products.
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