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For these drums, you really need to get the draw going properly or else you'll have nothing but problems. I fought with my drum for over a month regarding temps and air flow. I didn't have enough holes in my lid to get a proper draw, and you want to regulate the air flow using the bottom valve. Closing the top vents will potentially choke the fire, and decreasing the draw will allow improper combustion of your fire. Put 8 1/2" holes in the lid and it will work much better. You might have too much draw with those big holes in your lid.

I had wild temperature problems with these drums, you don't need a whole lot of lit charcoal to get them going. I used to do the whole chimney, 1/2 a chimney etc, but I could never control the temperature properly. Now, I use only 20-25 briqs in my chimney starter and my drum takes about 15-20 minutes after I dump the lit on my unlit pile, to come up to temp and settle out.

As you guys are aware, but for the new to drum smokers, these are very efficient smokers, and you want the hottest, smallest fire with as much air as it needs at a set temp. If you try to build a fire that is too big, it is not going to get the air it needs and you will have all sorts of problems.

For those that do not have this drum yet, just so you know, nothing is set and forget. You won't be able to walk away for 4 hours with out looking at the drum. Your going to get some ash buildup that won't let the air flow to the pile, creating a temp drop, or if it is windy, your going to have to adjust the drum out of the wind etc.

These drums are excellent, but people should know you can't just throw meat in it, open some valves and come back 6 hours later to perfect food. That is the impression I was under when I went to built my drum, after talking to people and reading various forums. Would I build one again? Hell yes.
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Good info. Thanks for sharing the details. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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As far as the ash build-up goes, have you tried raising your bin a lil higher off the floor?
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Looks kewl Mike! I remembered the thread you did on the silver paint awhile back - can you tell a difference with it or is it to soon to tell?
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That's coming. Get ready.
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mike's paint job


what size are those drums........i am ASSUMING, buy the looks of em..........55 gal..........

also.......any more werd on that paint job mike

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The drums are 55 gal. I will post a separate thread on the color with pics.
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Very nice! I've got to get me one of those.
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You gona bring home that themo-meter thing and do a paint test next? That's been a curiousity of mind since you posted that thread! PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

enquiring minds wanna know ... hehehe
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