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Weekend Smoke (W/QView)

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Hey guys and dolls;

Fired up the smoker this weekend and smoked some pork loin and fattys both pork, stuffed w/ cheese, red onions, peppers,spices and turkey, stuffed w/ Gouda cheese, spinach, peppers, onions,spices. Also tried some ABTs and they were great.The pork loin was very tender and juicy.The Fattys were to die for.Also whipped a batch of Dutches Wicked Baked beans. Dutch you are the MAN.This forum is the greatest.
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Great lookin' stuff there, fudley! What is that thing holding all of the ABT's? Is that some sort of fancy rib rack?
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Nice Smoke!!! looks good... I'm doing some pork loin this week, its becoming my fav smoke.
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Actually thats a veggie rack for the smoker
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Good lookin smokePDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Looking good,Fudley! You make a good presentation. I can almost smell it and my mouth is watering.
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Good look'n viddles, you have me drooling over the keyboard as I type !!!
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Very good yummy lookin' vittles!!
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Yummy, love those ABT's.
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OK ..

I'm new and all ... but there is nothing that says GREATNESS more than using a VEGGIE rack to hold your bacon wrapped jalapenos stuffed with (goodness of your choice)..

Looks yummy - thanks for the pics!!!

dave. PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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