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Masterbuilt Stainless?

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OK here it is...

I wasn't even looking to buy one, but the other day the wife and I were doing a lap at Sams and there it was. I have looked at them before at other places but this was the first time that the wife had ever seen one. I don't know why (And I ain't gonna ask) but the wife, from out of nowhere, said that I should "Buy a smoker like this". To me that is pretty much a blank check to buy one. (Not that I need permission, but it goes a long ways towards comfortable sleep)

What I need from some of you fine folks, is to be talked out of it. There is one out standing issue that I have with the unit. Size. Is there a larger comparable unit on the market? Something say that would hold a rack of ribs untrimmed or a long brisket? If this little gem was say 6" or more wider I would be bragging about the new smoker that I just got.

Any other comments, pro or con? I am really hoping for the con. Or any really great deals on the unit that would cancel out the size inconiveince?

I could just buy it, take it home and try it, but that is three big bills that I wasn't looking to part with just yet on an impulse buy.
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Is it electric or propane?
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I have 3 smokers, propane, charcoal/stick and an electric. The electric I have is the smaller of the 2 Masterbuilts manufactured, mine is not stainless and retails locally for $200. I have eyeballed the one at Sam's Club also and my wife has pretty much given the go ahead on it also.

The reason I haven't is cause my little Masterbuilt can really pack in the food and so far I do not feel getting one just a little larger is worth it to me. But someday I may just break down.....

As for the Masterbuilt and how it works, I highly suggest it. 24 hour timer, thermostaticlly controlled, all in all it is a great chip burner. I like to use it when I have other projects going on and do not have time ot baby sit one of my others.

I give the product 2 thumbs up and say "Go for it" !!!
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@ Farqart
Electric. Give me a chance and I will see if I can post a link.

@ Mossy
I want the down side to owning one. Will a full rack of spare ribs fit with out much fuss? (I suppose I could trim them a bit or do them like a standing Crown or something if I had to) How about the smoke tube thingy? I have seen some old post that say that the chips/chunks need to be tended to every half hour or 45 mins. Not really that different from my brinkman I guess, but it looks like I will be needing smaller chunks. Any tricks to doing a cold smoke?
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Our Masterbuilt is not as wide as the one you are looking at purchasing, I "think" a full rack of spares trimmed would fit in the one you are looking at. We trim ours and cut them in half to make them fit our Masterbuilt. I probably should rethink doing that and maybe just trim a bone or 2 off the spares to make them fit the full rack?

Smoke tube thingy I believe you are talking about the wood tray? If so, I just add every half hour to an hour, just kinda go with my gut feeling. Nice part about the wood tray design you do not have to open the smoker ot add chips.

I have not cold smoked in mine yet. And I have no idea why not, I should try some cheese in there.....
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PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Saw this unit at Sam's the other day and was impressed by the size over my older MESicon_surprised.gif

I can get 6 racks of BB's in the older unit by cutting each in half and putting 3/rack....thought that the new one would easily hold 4/rack...with the added height you may even get a proper fitting rib rack in there which would up the capacityicon_confused.gif

First time to see the new door seal and was not impressed as it seemed to be only pegged to the door about every 6 inches or so....it is not magnetic like the older versions are but is held securly shut by the latch...wondering if the pegs shoved in the door might fail rather promptly?mad.gif

If I needed another electric this would be it for surePDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Edit: on the cold smoke...Someone here has said they turn up the heat to generate some smoke then turn it back down close the top vent to hold in the smoke...repeat as deemed necessary....at the real low temps you get hardly any smoke generation but the above procedure seems to work for them well
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